Limekiln database


This database is currently under active development and will see many additional sites recorded in the near future.

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Site Location Description Condition Comments
Astbury SJ853596 Double Kiln Fair Offices, weighbridge and warehouse survive too
Red Bull SJ832547 Three Kilns Trace Filled in and landscaped
High Lane SJ948852 Two Kilns Fair In garden, used as store. One pot demolished
Knowle Farm SJ977889 Single Kiln Poor Excavated 2009 now filled in and level with ground
Little Neston SJ290761 Two Kilns traces In private garden, bits of one pot remain.
Marple SJ963884 Three Kilns Fair Ornate design. Pots filled in
CORNWALL       Main source so far for Cornish Kilns is 'Lime Kilns and Limeburners in Cornwall' by Ken Isham ISBN 1 900147 18 1
Site Location Description Condition Comments
Bohetherick Quay SX4228067895 Three Kilns Fair


Boscastle SX0982191392 Single Kiln Good  
Calstock Quay SX4354568587 Two Kilns Good Craft shop on top
Charlestown KIln 1 SX03765171 Three Kilns Good Part incorporated in shops
Charlestown Kiln 2 SX0395351527 Single Kiln Good Incorporated into quayside building
Cothele Quay Kiln 1 SX4236568122 Three Kilns


Cothele Quay Kiln 2 SX4233268060 Three Kilns Good  
Cuddenbeak Quay SX3635257207 Two Kilns Good  
Danescoombe Quay SX429689 Two Kilns Fair  


SW8096738587 Single Kiln Fair  
East Portholland SW961412 Single kiln Fair  
Erth Quay SX380559   Poor  
Forder SX4123658041 Single Kiln Fair Part of a house
Foss, Millbrook SX 4332752287 Single Kiln Poor  
Golant SX123546   Good  
Gorran Haven SX0125641646 Single Kiln Good  
Halton Quay SX 4134265497 3 Kilns Fair  
Highercliff SX2482057105 2 Kilns Good Part converted into house
Higher Pier, Milbrook SX4258852240 Single Kiln Good  
Higher Quay, Tideford SX 3497259695 3 Kilns Fair  
Hornifast Quay SX411651   Poor  
Kelly Road SX42995 68840 Single Kiln Good  
Kilhallon SX0707355075
Single Kiln Poor Large store attached with arched entrances
Kilna Park, Tideford SX35180 59975 Three Kilns Poor  
Kilna Quay, Tideford SX35290 59932 3 Kilns Fair  
Lamorna Cove SW450240 Single Kiln Fair Hidden behind boat shed
Lerryn Kiln 1 SX1391656931 Single kiln Good Incorporated into house
Lerryn Kiln 2 SX1404657021 Two kilns Fair  
Lostwithiel Kiln 1 SX104596 3 or 5 Kilns Good Part now housing
Lostwithiel Kiln 2 SX103595 3 Kilns Good Part used for motor repair business
Lostwithiel Kiln 3 SX1047158981 2 Kilns Fair Very overgrown
Milltown SX108579 Single Kiln Poor  
Moorswater Kiln B SX2370864165 3 Kilns Fair  
Moorswater Kiln C SX2358564145 2 Kilns Half collapsed Turntable survives on kiln top. Loading incline was waterwheel powered.
Netstakes Kiln 1, Gunnislake SX4340170586 Single Kiln Fair  
Netstakes Kiln 2, Gunnislake SX4340070668 Single Kiln Fair  
Newbridge, Gunnislake SX4332171941 2 Kilns Good  
Newquay SW8003162826 Single Kiln Fair  
Okel Tor SX444686 2 Kilns Good  
Pendower SW896381 Single Kiln Fair  
Penpoll SX1460354257 2 Kilns? Good  
Pentewan SX0202647396 Single KIln Good Incorporated into house
Perran River (Norway Inn) SW778387 2 Kilns Good  
Polbathic SX350570   Good  
Poldrissick SX382593   Good  
Polkerris SX09267 52003 Single Kiln Good  
Pont Kiln A SX14317 51841 Single Kiln Good  
Pont Kiln B SX14341 51908 Single Kiln Fair  
Port Gaverne SX0028680759 Single Kiln Good  
Porth, Newquay SW8300062700 Single Kiln Good Incorporated into shop
Porthleven SW6278825694 Single Kiln Restored Built by 1814 for Archibald Blair
Portloe SW9378639451 Single Kiln Fair  
Readymoney Cove SX1179651086   Good Incorporated into public shelter. Has ornamental turrets.
Roche SW9909661496 Single kiln Good Shell used to create a garage
Roundwood SW837405 Single Kiln Poor  
Sandplace SX249568 Two Kilns Fair  
Sandplace SX250566 Single Kiln Fair  
Sconner SX36832 56486 Single Kiln Good Ivy covered
Shallowpool SX233549 Two Kilns Fair  
St. Dominick, Chapel Farm SX418658      
St. Germans Quay SX3641557042 Three Kilns Good  
St. John's Ford SX4103053847 Single Kiln Fair  
St Keyne SX251609 Single Kiln Part collapsed  
Treath SW7646226367 Single Kiln Good  
Trelew, Mylor Creek SW813354 Single Kiln Good  
Trenault SX2626382905 Single Kiln Ruinous  
Wacker Quay SX389550     May be buried due to road widening
Wearde Quay SX4242657671 Single Kiln Good  
West Portholland SW9568741158 Two Kilns Fair  
CUMBRIA       Thanks to Graham Brooks for allowing me to use his database of Cumbrian Kilns
Site Location Description Condition Comments
Addisons NY572645   No Structure  
Allithwaite SD38307775 Small Kiln    
Applebury Hill Farm SD37407645 Small Kiln    
Appletreeworth SD24409250   Ruin  
Arnside Tower SD 45890 76855 Single Kiln Ruin  
Asby Gill NY67981203 Single small Kiln Fair  
Asby Grange NY69121042 Small Kiln Fair  
Ash Fell Edge kiln 1 NY75390373 Single Kiln Ruin  
Ash Fell Edge kiln 2 NY75420380 Single Kiln Ruin  
Ash Head Wood Quarry SD38008465 Structure    
Ash House Wood Quarr SD19108760 Structure    
Ashfell Edge NY73450487 Small Farm Kiln    
Ashgill Kiln 1 NY7612540936 Single Kiln Fair  
Ashgill Kiln 2 NY7606640785 Single Kiln Ruinous  
Ashycroft NY565771 Structure    
Askham NY50882434 Structure Fair  
Askham NY5002524234 Single Kiln Fair  
Ayle NY7272549770 Single Kiln Ruin  
Ayside SD38908340 Structure    
Back Lane SD26907260   Ruin  
Bampton NY5144318124 Single kiln Fair Datestone 'T K 1848'
Banks, Bewcastle NY5559574810 Single Kiln Fair  
Barbondale SD6682584546 Single Kiln Ruin  
Barbon High Fell SD6626781860 Two Kilns Poor  
Baron's Cross NY4796728162 Two Kilns Poor  
Barrow Scout SD4815972924 Single Kiln Fair  
Barsea Park SD29707530 Structure    
Baycliff Haggs SD28107270 Single Kiln Good  
Beckside (Cartmel) SD37458050   Ruin  
Beckside (Underbarrow) SD46259375 Structure    
Bellevue NY572788   Earthwork  
Benny House NY53671741 Structure    
Benny House NY53651740   Ruin  
Bents NY70630676


Berrier NY401294 Structure Part collapsed  
Berrier End NY4086629383 Single Kiln Poor  
Bintree Quarry NY231376 Structure    
Birkby Hall SD37607700 Structure X2?    
Birkett Common NY779033 Single Kiln Good  
Bishop Hill NY614589 Single Kiln Poor Quarry behind. Two draw areas
Black Dub SD73708630 Farm Kiln    
Blagill NY742475   Ruin Small Quarry Behind
Blagill NY 7442 4688   Earthwork  
Blagill NY744472   Ruin  
Blagill NY741477 Structure   Large Quarry To Side
Blagill NY743475   Ruin Large Quarry Behind
Bogside NY551742   Earthwork  
Boon Town Farm SD5037072717 Single Kiln Fair  
Boot Of The World SD7446084717 Single Kiln Fair  
Bothel NY1666039136 SingleKiln Poor  
Bottoms Farm, Silverdale SD4685575231 Single Kiln Good  
Borderrigg, Bewcastle NY5680375912 Single Kiln Fair  
Bowes Lodge SD42458335   Ruin  
Brackenber NY70000660   Earthwork Small Quarry
Brackenber Quarry NY5682122815 Single Kiln Bad Part dismantled
Brackenthwaite SD4909977232 Single Kiln Good  

Brackenthwaite, Castle Carrock kiln 1

NY5496453383 Single Kiln Poor No Obvious Quarry
Bradley's Leap, Dentdale SD7236486298 Single Kiln Poor  
Breaskay Hill, Dowbiggin SD6973792633 Single Kiln Poor Part collapsed
Briery Bank, Arnside SD46197824 Single Kiln Good In garden of house, used as a store
Brinns Crag, Shap NY5586717674 Single Kiln Poor Face collapsing
Broadfield Lane SD74108640 Farm Kiln    
Broughton Mills SD22209045 Structure    
Busk NY6330342666 Single Kiln Fair Small Quarry Behind
Butts Beck SD23257470 Structure    
Calees NY568648 Earthwork    
Casterton Fell SD6618481230 Two Kilns Fair  
Casterton Fell 2 SD6611580634 Single Kiln Ruinous  
Castle Carrock NY5537754901 Kiln Single Pot 2 Arches Ruin Large Quarry
Castle How NY3582638456 Single Kiln Fair  
Cat Cocks Limeworks Newbiggin NY564503 Large Single Kiln   Large Quarry Behind
Catcrag SD4546788408 Small Kiln Fair  
Cat Crag Quarry SD4375082449 Single Kiln Fair  
Cat Kirk Cumrew NY560508 Small Farm Kiln   No Obvious Quarry
Clargillhead NY723485   Ruin  
Cleughside NY518791 Structure    
Cleughside NY517791 Structure    
Clint Quarry NY592473 11 Kilns 6 earthworks 3 ruins 1 structure Large quarry behind on natural outcrop
Clints Quarry Kiln 1 NY0089412194 Single Kiln Fair  
Clints Quarry Kiln 2 NY 00695 12217 Single Kiln Fair  
Clints Quarry Kiln 3 NY 00828 12060 Single Kiln Poor  
Closegill NY 608634 Large Farm Kiln   No Obvious Quarry
Clowsgill NY5903359167 Double Kiln Poor Facing stone largely removed
Clowsgill NY589591   Mound Only Quarry behind
Coal Road SD7876090064 Single Kiln Poor  
Cocklock NY6272943148 Single Kiln Fair  
Cocklock Kilns 2 NY628430 Three separate Kilns Ruinous Two draw Kilns and one earthen intermittent Kiln
Coldwell Lane SD481778 Single Kiln Poor  
Coldwell Lime Works SD47597795 Single Kiln Ruinous  
Collin   Bank NY575730   Earthwork  
Corner House NY508806   Earthworks  
Cote Moor, Ravenstonedale NY7384001455 Single Kiln Ruinous  
Crag Lane Upper, Rosgill NY54461671 Single Kiln Fair  
Craigs NY518791 Farm Kiln    
Croft Head, Kent Valley NY4510901130 Single Kiln Fair Very small kiln
Croglin Combs NY585478 Single Kiln Poor  
Croglin Limeworks Kiln 1 NY5828848146 Single Kiln Bad  
Croglin Limeworks Kiln 2 NY5813348429 Two Kilns Fair  
Croglin Limeworks Kiln 3 NY5834848073 Single Kiln Poor  
Crook NY543770   Earthwork  
Crookburn NY505785 Farm Kiln    
Crooks Beck, Ravenstonedale NY7429502931 Single Kiln Ruinous  
Cropshall, Alston Moor NY7378842859 Single Kiln Good  
Crosby Garrett NY72720896 1 Kiln Fair  
Crosshill NY552782   Earthwork  
Crosthwaite SD44359145   Ruin  
Cuddys Hole NY519811   Earthwork  
Cumcrook NY500753   Ruin  
Cunswick Scar SD49209285 Structure    

Danny Bridge

SD6990291288 Single Kiln Good  
Dappley Moor NY497739   Ruin  
Dawson Fold SD4543788708

Single Kiln

Dent Head Farm SD7762084326 Single Kiln Fair  
Derwent Bank NY1423934267 2 Bank Kiln Good  
Dove Nest NY3822502500 1 Kiln Fair  
Dowhills Quarry NY68974350   Ruins Large Quarry Behind
Dryburn NY722423 2 Kilns One Kiln Ruin One Structure Quarry Behind
Drybeck NY66211529 1 Kiln Good  
East Cocklakes NY758467 2 Kilns Ruins Small Quarry Behind
East Cocklakes NY758467 2 Kilns Ruins Small Quarry
Elm Pot, Ravenstonedale SD7261498801 Single Kiln Ruinous Intermittent kiln
Ewegales, Dentdale SD7553986820 Single Kiln Poor  
Farlam Currick NY632472   Ruin Small Above
Faw Moor SD6944591840 Small Farm Kiln Poor  
Fawcett Lees NY556742   Earthwork  
Fell End, Ravenstonedale SD7319099867 1 Kiln Fair  
Fell End, Ravenstonedale SD7317599926 1 Kiln Fair  
Fell End SD7308599388 1 Kiln Good  
Fell End Farm SD5057978055 Single Kiln Good Some restoration work
Fellside Farm SD44459030   Ruin  
Field Broughton SD38808170 Single Kiln Structure Possible 2nd Kiln Earthwork
Flodder Hall SD4563287818 Structure Ruinous  
Flusco Lodge NY4725028123 Large Commercial Site 4 pots Good Pots filled, faced with concrete bricks
Foreshield NY75004708 Structure   Small Quarry Behind
Foresthead NY5854557748 Four Kilns Good  
Foxfield SD21058550 Single Kiln   In Building Possible Roman Cement Kiln
Gamblesby NY628400 3 Kilns Ruins Quarry Behind
Garrigill NY735420 Ruin Ruin Associated Lead Mine
Garth Head NY554553 2 Small Kilns Earthworks 2 Small Quarries
Gibbs Hall, Dent SD7352586392 Single Kiln Excellent  
Gill Cottage NY72640915 3 Small Farm Kilns    
Gillhead Quarry NY26503850   Ruin Small Quarry Behind
Gillhead Quarry NY2680338188 Single Kiln Fair  
Gillhead Quarry NY2681738127 Single Kiln Fair  
Gleaston SD2615671222 Single Kiln Fair  
Grange-over-Sands SD4081978270 Single Kiln Fair  
Great Dow Hill NY68974350      
Great Wood SD40108070 Structure    
Greenbank SD38058025   Ruin  
Greenends NY7741844965 Small Farm Kiln Good No Obvious Quarry
Greenhill NY73480448 2x Small Farm Kiln    
Greenhow NY26003755   Earthwork Area Of Quarrying At Side
Greenhow NY25743730   2 Earth Works Area Of Quarries
Greenodd SD31408248 Single Kiln Good  


NY611443   Ruin? 2 Arches To Access One Pot. Small quarry behind
Greenrigg NY613442   Mound Small quarry behind
Greenside SD506924 Commercial Kilns    
Greety Gate SD20558710   Ruin  
Grenfell Kiln 1 NY6291942029 Single Kiln Fair Small quarry behind
Grenfell Kiln 2 NY63134194 Commercial Double Pot Kiln Part collapsed Large Quarry Behind
Grenfell Kiln 3 NY63054162 Single Kiln Fair  
Hackthorpe High Plantation NY5424822116 Single Kiln Good  
Haggbeck NY4730473764 Single Kiln Fair  
Haggs Bank NY76844520   Ruin  
Haggs Wood Bungalow SD38907815   Complete  
Haithwaite NY439774 Farm Kiln    
Hampsfield Hall SD39658045   Ruin  

Handley's Bridge

SD7057197671 1 Kiln Poor  
Harberwain Plantation NY5994515380 Single Kiln Part demolished  
Hardendale Nab NY5840514315 Single Kiln Fair  
Harehill NY562643   Earthwork  
Hawes Farm, nr Natland SD5066588627 Single Kiln Poor  
Hazelslack Farm SD4761978762 Single Kiln Good  

Head House

SD39808190 Structure    
Head House SD39808195   Ruin  
Henridding SD5495975870 Single Kiln Poor Robbed and part missing
Heversham SD500834 Single Kiln Poor  
High Barn, Rosgill NY5506216050 Single Kiln Good Pot infilled
High Barns Wood, Levens Park SD5011784865 Single Kiln Poor  
High Chapel, Dentdale SD 72411 86695 Single Kiln Good  
High Cote Lane, Slackhead SD489788 Two Kilns Poor  
High Cup NY72262507 Single Kiln Fair  
High Dovengill SD7287899046 Single Kiln Poor  
High Farm SD40357875 Structure    
High Farm, Crosthwaite SD4391690200 Single Kiln Part collapsed  
High Fell End SD43658360 Structure    
High Flowery Hirst NY526727   Earthwork  

High Ground, Flinter Gill

SD7017686450 Single Kiln Restored  
High Haber NY6027914490 Single Kiln Excellent  
High Ireby Kiln 1 NY2333437800 Single Kiln Good  
High Ireby Kiln 2 NY2331537663 Single Kiln Good Recently restored
High Ireby Kiln 3 NY2327237628 Single Kiln Good  
High Ireby Kiln 4 NY2312137636 Single Kiln Fair  
High Moss Thorn NY 5127 33   Earthwork  
High Nentsberry NY 7640 4546 Structure    
High Park Foot NY 506 732 Farm Kiln    
High Winder NY 5005 2424 Structure    
Highgate Farm NY445275 Small Farm Kiln   Large Quarry Behind
Hill Head Askerton NY 509807 Earthwork    
Hill Head Bewcastle NY 506784 Earthwork    
Hill House NY 75706 38366 Single Kiln Ruin  
Hole Of Line South NY 543783 Farm Kiln    
Hole Of Line West NY 544787   Ruin  
Holeslack Farm, nr Brigsteer SD4939088540 Single Kiln Fair  
Hollin Cleugh NY 526804 Farm Kiln    
Holmehead NY 541782 Farm Kiln    
Howgillsike NY 75021 40068 Single Kiln Poor  
Howhill NY 73078 43223 Single Kiln Fair  
Howhill Quarry Kiln 1 NY 72926 43395 Single Kiln Ruinous  
Howhill Quarry Kiln 2 NY 72912 43436 Single Kiln Fair  
Hudshole NY 444786 Farm Kiln    
Hugh's Moss, Garsdale Common SD7876390073 Single Kiln Fair  
Jack Scout, Silverdale SD 46043 73929 Single Kiln Good  
Kaysbank NY 511729 Farm Kiln    
Keldishaw SD 6831 8668 Small Kiln Fair  
Keldishaw SD 6833 8640 Single Kiln Good  
Kelleth kiln 1 NY6656305511 Single Kiln Poor  
Kelleth kiln 2 NY6634805499 Single Kiln Poor  
Kelleth kiln 3 NY6671905350 Single Kiln Fair  
Kelleth kiln 4 NY6663705311 Single Kiln Poor Front collapsed
Kelleth kiln 5 NY6680405382 Single Kiln Fair  
Kendal Fell SD 5075 9240 Structure and series of sites   Large Quarry To Rear
Kentmere Hall NY 4510 0420 Structure    
Kershopefoot NY 474827   Ruin  
Kiln Holme NY 437775 Earthwork    
Kilnstown NY 535735 Farm Kiln    
Kirkbeckstown NY548746 Farm Kiln    
Kirkby Stephen NY76600724 Field Kiln Fair  
Kirkby Stephen NY76600719 Field Kiln Poor  
Kirkhead SD39157560 Structure    
Knock Fell Road NY700298 Row of 3 Kilns Demolished Small quarry behind
Knock Fell Road NY69772959 Single Kiln Fair Small quarry behind
Knott SD47409285   Ruin  
Knowe NY537777 Earthworks    
Langley Burn NY507814 Farm Kiln    
Leagair NY474794 Commercial Kiln    
Leahill NY580655 Farm Kiln    
Leighton House SD48737784 Single Kiln Good  
Levens SD48558540 Single Kiln Good  
Levens Park SD500855 Single Kiln Ruinous  
Liddel Lodge NY471792   Earthwork  
Liddel Park NY468774 Farm Kiln    
Lime Kiln Wood (Lindale) SD41557990 Structure    
Lime Kiln Wood (Whitbarrow) SD4591184895   Ruin  
LimeKiln Bridge, Bothel NY1832339283 Single Kiln Fair  
Lindeth Lodge Farm, Silverdale SD4633574245 Single Kiln Ruin  
Little Dovecote Gill SD6945692099 Single Kiln Poor  
Little Heaning Wood SD39357980 Earthwork    
Little Urswick Crag SD25587405   Ruin  
Lonninghead NY755417 Small Farm Kiln   Small Quarry Behind
Low Close Farm NY51052525   Ruin  
Low Donald Wood NY51102280 Structure    
Low Flowery Hirst NY52347230   Earthwork  
Low Frith SD33957945 Single Kiln Good  
Low Grains NY577751   Earthwork  
Lowhouse Beck near Winster SD4114192287 Single Kiln Good  
Low House Farm, Helsington SD 49566 89540 Single Kiln Fair  
Low Park Foot NY 505734   Earthwork  
Low Row NY 5897 6246   Ruin Small Quarry Behind
Low Sykdes NY 7319 4239 Small Farm Kiln   No Obvious Quarry
Luckens NY 494723   Earthwork  
Lyth Valley Hotel SD 4515 8960 Structure    
Mallerstang SD 7803 9745 Small Kiln Ruin  
Mallerstang SD 7782 9726 Single Kiln Fair  
Meathan Hill NY 6793 4251   Ruin Quarry Behind
Meathop SD 4375 8070   Ruin  
Middle Birkby SD 3775 7730 Structure    
Middle Fell NY748444   Ruin  
Middle Fell NY 7530 4340 Small Kiln   Large Quarry Behind
Middle Fell NY750440 Small Kiln    
Middle Skydes NY 73169 42386 Single Farm Kiln Good  
Mid Lee House, Garrigill NY7535339609 Intermittent kiln Poor  
Miller Hill NY588660 Farm Kiln    
Mire NY539778 Farm Kiln    
Moota NY149359 Farm Kiln   Quarry Behind
Moota Hill NY14003500   Earthwork  
Moota Hill NY14003600   Earthwork  
Moota Hill Quarry NY14823601 Structure    
Morland NY60282180 1 Kiln Fair  
Morland NY60302174 2 Kilns Fair  
Moss Dyke, Mungrisdale NY3718331659 Single Kiln Fair  
Moss House Farm, Yealand Conyers SD 481 739 Single Kiln Poor  
Moss Howe SD42808480 Structure    
Moss Howe SD42608490 Structure    
Mousegill Quarry, Haile NY0484310942 Single Kiln Fair  
Mungrisdale NY3638830276 Single Kiln Good  
Murrah Hall NY3809731882 Single Kiln Poor  
Nateby NY78810565 Single Kiln Poor  
Nateby NY78360543 Single Kiln Fair  
Near Turnings, Garrigill NY7410441159 Single Kiln Ruinous  
New Shields NY744472   Ruin Small Quarry
Newbiggin-on-Lune NY69650579 Single Kiln Ruinous  
Newbiggin Sloats Limeworks NY569502 Small Kiln Commercial   Small quarry behind
Newbiggin Sloats Limeworks NY569503 Small Kiln Commercial   Small quarry behind
Newbiggin Sloats Limeworks NY572502 Small Kiln Commercial   Small quarry behind
Newton Heads SD40008200 Structure    
Nixon Head NY551538 Small Farm Kiln   No Obvious Quarry
Nixons Town NY546756   Earthwork  
Nobles Town NY544743   Earthwork  
Nook Foot NY457789   Earthwork  
Northrigg Hill NY5761064811 Single Kiln Fair  
Nunscleugh NY541739   Earthwork  
Oakstock NY570740   Earthwork  
Orton NY62810979 Single Kiln Fair  
Orton Scar NY63351159 Single Kiln Poor  
Ousby Townhead NY6465534413 Large Commercial Kiln Good Scheduled Ancient Monument. Quarry at top of fell connected by tramway and incline.
Outhgill NY78630025 Single Kiln Fair  
Pardshaw Hall NY1008225442 Single Kiln Bad  
Park NY546759   Earthwork  
Park Fell NY696454   Ruin Small Quarry Behind
Park Fell NY698451 Small Kiln Ruin Small Quarry Behind
Parkhead NY564765   Earthwork  
Parknook NY556767   Earthwork  
Parrock Moor NY686054   2 Earthworks A Series Of Small Quarries
Peacock Hill, Dent SD7196085451 Single Kiln Fair  
Pepper Moss NY472777   Earthwork  
Peter Lane, Yealand Conyers SD500739 Single Kiln Good  
Peters Crook NY442781 Two Kilns, commercial   Large Quarry
Pike Hill South NY57666468   Earthwork  
Pool Bank SD4327187958   Ruins  
Rack NY546775   Earthwork  
Ravensbarrow Point SD33957760 Structure    
Ravenstonedale NY71680443 Single Kiln Fair  
Redhills NY49752835 Three Kilns Fair  
Riasbeck NY649069 Small Farm Kiln    
Rinnion Hills NY5653470057 Single Kiln Poor  
Rise Head NY730433 Two Kilns One Kiln Ruin One Kiln Structure Large Quarry
Roanhead Farm SD20107540 Structure    
Roehead NY48202310 Structure    
Roehead NY48302350   Ruin  
Rosgill Kiln 1 NY5470816556 Single Kiln Fair  
Rosgill Kiln 3 NY5401417032 Single Kiln Fair  
Rosgill Kiln 4 NY5394717083 Single Kiln Good  
Roughethead NY5499153736 Small Farm Kiln   No Obvious Quarry
Row Farm SD4493089310 Single Kiln Good Pot filled in
Sailrigg Quarry Kiln 1 NY 6265640157 Single Kiln Poor  
Sailrigg Quarry Kiln 2 NY 6271840062

Single Kiln

Sailrigg Quarry Kiln 3 NY 6277539980 Single Kiln Poor  
Sandside Quarry SD 48000 80875 Two Kilns Fair  
Saughs NY508796   Earthwork  
Scales NY380334 ?????    
Scales Green Kiln 1 SD281718 Single Kiln Good Lime shed/shelter at front
Scales Green Kiln 2 SD27807210 Structure Fair  
Scales Green Kiln 3 SD27607225 Structure Fair  
Scales South SD27107185 Structure    
Scarside NY5401518324 Single Kiln Fair  
Scotstown NY543742 Small Farm Kiln    
Scow SD7215485699 Small Farm Kiln Fair  
Scroggy Bank NY8614513178 Single Kiln Poor  
Seawood Farm nr Baycliff SD2882473145 Single Kiln Good  
Setrah Hill NY17953630   Earthwork  
Setrah Hill NY17953640   Earthwork  
Skelwith Hill SD33158130 Single Kiln Poor  
Slacks NY538777 Small Farm Kiln    
Slapestone Bridge, Raisbeck NY6487706987 Single Kiln Good  
Smardale NY72430655 Large Double Commercial Kiln   Large Quarry To Rear
Smardale Fell NY73770677 Large Kiln Ruin Large Quarry Behind
Snab End Kiln 1 NY7563441247 Single Kiln Poor Front part collapsed
Snab End Kiln 2 NY7577741029 Single Kiln Good Small Quarry Behind
Snab End Kiln 3 NY7588540920 Single Kiln Good Small Quarry Behind
Snow Hill Cottage NY27703825   Earthworks Small Quarry Behind
Spring Bank SD40057820 Structure    
Spur Rigg NY836159 ?????    
Stennersheugh NY746013   Ruin  
Steppings NY543748   Earthworks  
Stockastead NY5646877007 Commercial Kiln Poor  
Stonegarthside Hall NY482815 Small Farm Kiln    
Stonehouse Bridge SD7710585856 Single Kiln Good Listed grade II
Street kiln 1 NY7369501278 Single Kiln Poor  
Street kiln 2 NY73690126 1 Kiln Poor  
Summer House Hill, Yealand Conyers SD 500 742 Single Kiln Fair  
Sunny Brow NY34350045   Ruin  
The Flatt NY560790 Farm Kiln    
The Greens Geltsdale NY5728655548   Mound Only  
The Pike NY470791   Earthwork  
The Raw NY556770   Ruin  
Thortergill NY7523542551 Single Kiln Ruin Large Quarry Upstream
Thrang Brow, Yealand Storrs SD 493 762 Single Kiln Poor  
Thrimby NY5471919101

Single Kiln

Tommy Road Kiln 1 NY7626803930 Single Kiln Poor  
Tommy Road Kiln 2 NY7627904089 Single Kiln Ruin  
Tottergill NY5508254434 Large Farm Kiln   No Obvious Quarry
Trierman NY596688   Earthworks  
Ulpha Fell SD 4530 8145 Structure    
Underwood NY558776   Ruin  
Waitby Common NY74510708 1x Small Farm Kiln Structure   Quarry To Front
Wardhall Limeworks NY1246339476 Four Kilns Fair  
Warnell kiln 3 NY3476741530 Three kilns Poor Part demolished
Wartbarrow SD39107665 Structure    
Wartbarrow SD39107675   Ruin  
Warton Crag SD 487 733 Single Kiln Ruinous  
Warton Kiln 1 SD 49609 72395 Single Kiln Good  
Warton Kiln 2 SD 50331 73166 Single Kiln Good  
Water Houses NY710109 Single Kiln Good  
Wat Riggs NY 23190 38394 Single Kiln Good  
Waterslack Farm, Silverdale SD470764 Single Kiln Fair  
Whale Moor Bothy NY5319120498 Single Kiln Good  
Wharrels Quarry,Bothel NY1711438086 Single Kiln Fair  
Whinney Fell NY574581   Ruin ? 2 Arches To Access Small Behind
Whinney Fell NY575576 Small Farm Kiln No Obvious Kiln  
Whitbarrow Road SD4352589555 Single Kiln Fair Pot filled in
White Rake NY71362743 Small Commercial Kiln    
Whitehaven Harbour NX9681418356

Small Kiln

Good Draw arch blocked off
Whity Knots Kiln 1 NY6033245129 Single Kiln Poor Complex of quarries Behind
Whity Knots Kiln 2 NY6037745020 Single Kiln Poor Small quarry behind
Whity Knots Kiln 3 NY6061744922 Single Kiln Poor  
Will Hill, Newbiggin-on-Lune NY70530441

Windmore End Quarry NY 8251 1661 1 Small Farm Kiln Fair Natural Out Crop
Winter Tarn NY582172 Small Farm Kiln   Small Quarry To Side
Winton NY79731029 Single Kiln Fair  
Winton NY79831025 Single Kiln Fair  
Wood Edge, Beetham SD489798 Single Kiln Good  
Woodhead NY583739 Small Farm Kiln    
Wyke Farm SD38877495   Structure  
Yellow Gill, Dent SD7120786422 Single Kiln Good  
Yewdale SD3091498835 Single Kiln Good Scheduled Ancient Monument and Listed Grade II
Site Location Description Condition Comments
Aleck Low SK1765859474 Pye kiln Fair Very large clamp kiln
Alport SK222645 Small single Kiln in roadside bank Poor Overgrown and hard to spot
Alport 2 SK2224564619 Two Kilns Good Pots filled in
Astonhill SK2132459074 Small single Kiln Fair Pot mostly filled in
Ballidon SK211544 Single Kiln close to road Fair Overgrown. Pot filled in
Beacon Rod SK221733 Single Kiln Fair  
Bonsall Moor SK253597 Single Kiln Good A good example of an intermittent Kiln with draughting tunnel
Bradwell Moor SK142804 Single Kiln Poor Largely collapsed
Brushfield SK1711372087 Single Kiln Poor


SK360524 Two Kilns Poor Part collapsed
Coal Hills, Steeple Grange SK286553 Single Kiln Fair Feature near to National Stone Centre

Cowdale Limeworks

SK078724 Four large Kilns Good Pots filled and capped. Massive concrete buttresses
Crowdecote Kiln 1 SK105650 Single Kiln Poor Part robbed and collapsed
Crowdecote Kiln 2 SK104650 Clamp Kiln   Circular clamp Kiln
Dale Side, Stoney Middleton SK220757 Single Kiln Fair  
Dark Lane, Middleton SK2882055781 Single Kiln Fair Face crudely restored
Dennis Knoll SK227839 Single Kiln Fair A small Kiln hidden away on the moors below Stanage Edge
Earl Sterndale SK089674 Single field Kiln Fair Pot filled in
East Buxton Limeworks SK133732 Two Kilns Good In solid rock with concrete buttressing
Errwood SK0162974752 Single Kiln Good Pot filled in
Fall Hill SK3525662552 Single Kiln Fair Datestone - J Twigg 1810
Fern Dale, Monyash SK1604766026 Single Kiln Fair  
Gautries Hill, Perry Dale SK1005880854 Pye kiln Good Three entrances
Grange Barn SK220589 Single Kiln Poor  
Grange Mill SK240574 Four Kilns Good Roadside bank alongside working quarry
Gratton SK204614 Single Kiln Poor Part collapsed, draw arch part filled in
Gratton, Dale End SK2106161267

Single Kiln

Fair Small Kiln hidden away in Dale
Grin SK053718 Multiple intermittent Kilns Fair The whole area filled with 18th century remains
Grin Low SK056715 Pye type clamp Kiln Good  
Grin Low 2 SK0555571337 Large earthen kiln Good Pot lining remains in situ
Hartington Station SK1494761285 Single Kiln Good  
Hand Dale SK1428060714 Single Kiln Poor Pot part demolished
High Edge SK062686 Single Kiln Fair Intermittent Kiln
Hillhead SK063694 Single Kiln Poor Intermittent Kiln with draughting tunnel
Hockley Quarry, Ashover SK3508462728 Two Kilns Bad Only parts of one Kiln now visible
Hurdlow Town SK1124066597 Single Kiln Fair Intermittent Kiln with draughting tunnel
Johnson's Knoll SK1581357196 Single Kiln Good  
Lane Head, Stoney Middleton SK2123375069 Single Kiln Poor Front collapsed. Possibly associated with building behind
Litton Edge clamp kiln SK16587534 Clamp kiln Good  
Litton Edge pye kiln SK16557540 Pye kiln Good Three entrances
Littonfields pye kiln SK17807554 Pye kiln Good Three entrances
Long Dale kiln 1 SK1364862788 Intermittent kiln Fair  
Longstone Edge SK2107072904 Intermittent kiln Fair  
Madge Dale SK1317361641 Single Kiln Poor  
Magpie Mine, Sheldon SK1732868242 Single Kiln Fair Intermittent field kiln
Middle Hill, Wormhill Moor SK1128377087 Intermittent KIln Good  
Middle Hills SK240577 Single Kiln Poor  
Middleton SK2814056527 Single Kiln Fair Small field Kiln
Middleton and Smerrill CP SK1716862607 Single Kiln Good Small field Kiln
Middleton Dale SK2160575798 Single kiln Poor  
Millers Dale SK143732 Four Kilns Good Large commercial Kilns
Milltown Quarry, Ashover SK3547162172 Single Kiln Fair  
Minninglow SK2056957370 Single Kiln Good Large Kiln in field. Pot filled in
Mires Lane, Litton SK17247542

Pye Kiln

Good Three entrances
Monks Dale SK13687385 Pye Kiln Good Three entrances
Monks Dale kiln 2 SK13797401 Clamp Kiln Good  
Monyash SK154674 Single Kiln Poor Small field Kiln, partly buried
Newton Grange SK1659354334 Single Kiln Fair  
Pindale SK16078239 Single Kiln Bad Face removed pot lining remains
Parwich Lane, Gotham SK1926858646 Single Kiln Poor Largely collapsed
Ricklow, Monyash SK1600866259 Intermittent Kiln Poor Largely collapsed
Sherbrook Plantation, Buxton SK061721 Intermittent Kilns Poor  
Stanton SK231647 Single Kiln Poor Roadside. Pot collapsing
Thorntree SK1852063117 Intermittent Kiln Poor  
Tissington SK155525 Single Kiln Good Large Kiln in field
Tissington kiln 2 SK1608051730 Intermittent kiln Fair Draughting tunnel remains
Town Head, Flagg SK12416935 Single Kiln Good Pye Kiln
Via Gellia SK2821357397 Two Kilns Good  
Wye Dale pye kiln SK1049872817 Pye Kiln Good Two entrances
Yokecliffe, Wirksworth SK 2819 5381 Single Kiln Fair  
Site Location Description Condition Comments
Annery SS463228 Three Kilns Good Charging ramp on river side
Batson SX7360939625 Single Kiln Good  
Batson Creek SX 7385 3973 Single Kiln Good Very close to the water at high tide
Bere Ferrers SX4591563234 Single Kiln Poor Faces robbed. Date 1758 on keystone over one draw arch
Billacombe SX513542 Single Kiln Good Now demolished
Blaxton Quay SX4659663248 Three Kilns Fair  
Bridestowe SX5014689186 Four Kilns Poor  
Broadbridge Wood SX83897108 Single Kiln Fair  
Buck's Mills kiln 1 SS35452366 Single Kiln Fair  
Buck's Mills kiln 2 SS35372368 Single Kiln Poor  
Cleave SX4342064637 Single Kiln Fair  
Cockwood SX97458083 Two Kilns Fair In garden by A379
Dartington SX789622 Two Kilns Good By picnic area
Denbury Cross SX8342967432 Single Kiln Fair  
Dornafield Cross SX8375167320 Single Kiln Good Front shelter survives
Dornafield Farm SX8390868200 Single Kiln Good  
Drewsteignton 1 SX7340391074 Two Kilns Poor  
Drewsteignton 2 SX7274891420 Single Kiln Poor  
Drewsteignton Quarry SX7300691236 Three Kilns Poor  
Elburton Rd/Colesdown Rd SX521538 Two Kilns   Partly backfilled
Frogmore Creek SX77184253 Two Kilns Good Restored by South Hams Society
Galmpton SX881560 Single Kiln   Roadside
Galmpton Creek SX8782955222 Single Kiln Good  
Gawton SX4510668850 Two Kilns Poor  
Goodshelter SX7646438950 Single Kiln Good  
Grove, Brixham SX9146256872 Single Kiln Fair  
Hallsannery SS460246 Double Kiln Good  
Hallspill SS469235 Two circular Kilns Fair  
Hartland Quay SS223248 Single Kiln Ruinous  
Haye Farm SX529545 Two Kilns   Kilns of different ages
Hazard Quarry SX7542359112 Three Kilns Fair  
Heddon's Mouth SS65494956 Single Kiln Fair  
Higher Kiln Quarry SX7436566501 Two Kilns Good  
Hole's Hole SX 4305065232 Single Kiln Poor  
Hooe Lake SX4975452809 Single Kiln Good Restored in housing estate
Ilfracombe SS5267547639 Single Kiln Fair  
Kingston SX620477 Kilns Ruinous  
Knowle Hill Kiln 1 ST0559217070 Single Kiln Poor  
Knowle Hill Kiln 2 ST0595017177 Single Kiln Poor  
Lee Bay SS694495 Single Kiln   Coastal
Lundy SS1422943836 Single Kiln Fair  
Meldon kiln 1 SX56519228 Single Kiln Fair  
Meldon kiln 2 SX56449228 Single Kiln Fair  
Millhill, Gulworthy SX 4526074497 Two Kilns Part demolished  
Morwellham Quay SX 4465869753 Two Kilns Good  
Morwellham Quay SX 4459469743 Single Kiln Good  
Mouth Mill SS2981226522 Single Kiln Good  
Northam SS455281 Single Kiln Fair  
Newquay SX 4542069611 Three Kilns Good  
Parkham SS355236 Two blocks of Kilns   One set near beach the other halfway up cliff
Petoe Quarry, Tigley SX7603760825 Two Kilns Poor  
Radford Lake SX5057152674 Single Kiln Good Pot infilled, drawholes through small doorways
Ransley Quarry SX84447013 Single Kiln Poor  
Rocknell, Westleigh ST0526716790 Single Kiln Fair Single commercial draw Kiln with two draw holes.
Rough Torr Barn, Yealmpton SX5746350847 Single Kiln Good Incorporated into garden store.
Rounds Nest, Yealmpton SX5778751441 Single Kiln Poor  
Sherford SX546539 Single Kiln    
Slapton Bridge SX8273044343 Single Kiln Good  
Sourton Quarry, Bridestowe SX5235189657 Three KIlns Fair  
South Ward Farm SX4275567392 Single Kiln Poor  
Stag Lane SX529536 Single Kiln   In garden but visible from road
Tamerton Foliot SX4638760862 Single Kiln Poor  
The Ness, Shaldon SX93897183 Single Kiln Good  
Tiverton SS9632712420 Large bank originally 14 Kilns Good Two restored with interpretation
Totnes SX806601 Two Kilns   Totnes quays
Waterhead Creek, Kingswear SX8873951496 Single Kiln Good  
Wayside, Holcombe Rogus ST 0703518948 Three Kilns Fair  
Wear Farm, Bishopsteignton SX888732 Single Kiln Good  
Weir Quay, Bere Ferrers SX 4326365002 Single Kiln Good  
Western Torrs, Yealmpton SX5756151244 Single Kiln Fair Grade II listed
Western Torrs, Yealmpton SX5756551271 Two Kilns Fair Grade II listed
Westleigh Quarry ST0639317393 Two Kilns Fair  
Westleigh Quarry ST0654517431 Three Kilns Fair  
Whipcott ST0719518514 Single Kiln Good  
Woody Bay SS676492 Single Kiln   Coastal
Yealm Bridge SX 5903351919 Single Kiln   Grade II listed
Site Location Description Condition Comments
Bishop's, Abbotsbury SY5878585860 Single Kiln Good  
Church Knowle SY945822 Single Kiln Good  
Grove, Portland SY6964172782 Single Kiln Fair Grade II listed
Limekiln Hill, West Bexington SY5401587043 Single Kiln Good  
South Barn SZ007780 Single Kiln Good  
Site Location Description Condition Comments
Allercleugh Plantation, West Blackdene NY8720739149 Single Kiln Poor  
Allerton Wood, Stanhope NY9864339720   Fair  
Aycliffe, School Aycliffe NZ256245     Gothic arches
Bales Allotment NY9096830337 Single Kiln Poor  
Barningham NZ0731510384 Single Kiln Good Restored
Bishopley NZ0131035100 Two Kilns Fair  
Bishopley Quarry, Frosterley, Kilns 1 NZ0284036045 Four Kilns Fair  
Bishopley Quarry, Frosterley, Kilns 2 NZ0288736037 Five Kilns Fair  
Bollihope Shield Farm NY998349 Single Kiln Fair  
Bowes, Square Plantation NY988124 Single Kiln    
Bowes, West Charity NY975126 Single Kiln    
Bowes, West Charity NY977127 Single Kiln    
Brandon Walls NY9470341062 Two Kilns Poor Two draw tunnels side by side for each pot
Brignall Quarries NZ042115

Single Kiln

Brignall, Moor House Farm NZ048114 Single Kiln    
Broadwood, Frosterley NZ 0354636983 Single Kiln Poor Part of face collapsed
Carr Brow Pastures NY8883238763 Single Kiln Fair  
Causeway Road, Irehope Moor NY8489338437 Single Kiln Poor Part of face collapsed. Listed Grade II
Chilton Lime Works NZ302314 Five Kilns Fair  
Comb Bridge, Muggleswick NZ 0598548755 Single Kiln Good  
Cotherstone Moor, Sunny Brow NY971176 Single Kiln Traces  
Coundon, Grange Hill Quarry NZ234292 Single Kiln Ruinous  
Cow Close NZ064095 Single Kiln    
Cote House NY9525022661 Single Kiln Fair  
Denton NZ210199 Single Kiln Good 1842 Listed Grade II
East Castle NZ1508251878 Six Kilns Fair 1835 for Stanhope & Tyne Railway Co
Edmundbyers, Feldon; lime Kiln NY998474 Single Kiln    
Ferryhill NZ304322 Large bank of Kilns   Demolished
Ferryhill Carrs NZ300329 4 Kilns Bad Mainly destroyed with three draw arches remaining and bits of the pots
Forcett Quarry NZ1601311045 Single Kiln Fair  
Frosterley, Bishopley Quarry NZ028360 12 Kilns    
Frosterley, Rogerley Hall NZ018373 Single Kilns Good  
Garmondsway NZ34823495 Four KIlns Fair  
God's Bridge 1 NY9567512590 Single Kiln Good  
God's Bridge 2 NY9572512556 Single Kiln Poor  
Hawthorn NZ4331045982 Single Kiln Poor  
Hawthorn Hive NZ441458 Single Kiln Poor One of three draw arches has collapsed
High Greenfield NY8502042037 Single Kiln Good Pot filled in
High Greenfield NY8506241975 Single Kiln Good Restored and recently used
Hodge House NY866303 Single Kiln    
Ireshopeburn NY849384 Two Kilns    
Ireshopeburn NY872391 Single Kiln    
Killerby NZ1968620103 Single Kiln Fair  
Langdon Beck NY852311 Single Kiln    
Lintzgarth, Rookhope NY9202242937 Single Kiln Bad Just the base of the pot survives
Loups Hill NY9718317688 Single Kiln Poor  
Mary Knott's Quarry NY9563537580 Single Kiln Fair  
Mellwaters 1 NY9608312707 Single Kiln Poor  
Mellwaters 2 NY9609312745 Single Kiln Poor  
Muggleswick, Graham's Quarry NZ05424905 Single Kiln Good Listed Grade II
Newbiggin, Stable Edge NY919282 Single Kiln Poor  
Puddingthorn Pastures NY8424042069 Two Kilns Fair  
Rock House, South Hylton NZ3640357730 Two Kilns Poor Eroding with the tide
Skears NY 94855 27115 Four Kilns Poor One collapsed
Stable Green NY9197128218 Single Kiln Poor  
Stanhope NY989401 Two banks of Kilns   1834 and 1845 for Stanhope & Tyne Railway Co
Stanhope NY989399 Two Kilns    
Swinhopehead House NY8961534209 Single Kiln Fair  

West Rigg

NY91033919 Single Kiln Fair In wall at roadside
Beaumont Quay TM190240 Single Kiln Good Scheduled Ancient Monument
Blakeney SO6572607311 Single Kiln Good  
Lancaut kiln 1 ST530965 Single Kiln Poor  
Lancaut kiln 2 ST5378396659 Single Kiln Good Restoration work undertaken
Rangeworthy ST7044385853 12 Kilns Poor Listed Grade II
Symonds Yat SO563161 Single Kiln Fair  
Tidenham ST5463697047 Single Kiln Good  
Tidenham Ash Grove ST5517699480 Single Kiln Poor  
Tidenham Chase kiln 1 ST5548598627 Single Kiln Fair  
Tidenham Chase kiln 2 ST5546198597 Single Kiln Poor  
Tytherington ST67658890 Single Kiln Good Restored
Vention SO604167 Two Kilns Good  
Site Location Description Condition Comments
Twyford SU493248 Five flare Kilns Good Preserved in waterworks museum site
Site Location Description Condition Comments
Howle Hill SO6034020475 Two Kilns Fair  
Marlbrook SO5054554578 Single Kiln Good  
ISLE OF MAN        
Site Location Description Condition Comments
Scarlett near Castletown SC2586666415 Three Kilns Fair Facing beach
Groudle Glen SC42057836 Single Kiln Fair  
Site Location Description Condition Comments
Mersley, Newchurch SZ5579387170 Single Kiln Fair  
Moons Hill, Freshwater SZ3288086007 Two Kilns Poor Flare Kilns in roadside bank
Strawberry Lane, Mottistone SZ4181084439 Single Kiln Poor  
Site Location Description Condition Comments
Beaver Scar kiln 1 SD9324036940 Single Kiln   Intermittent kiln for glacial limestone
Beaver Scar kiln 2 SD9331836925 Single Kiln   Intermittent kiln for glacial limestone
Beaver Scar kiln 3 SD9340136904 Single Kiln   Intermittent kiln for glacial limestone
Beaver Scar kiln 4 SD9339236909 Single Kiln   Intermittent kiln for glacial limestone
Beaver Scar kiln 5 SD9341336891 Single Kiln   Intermittent kiln for glacial limestone
Beaver Scar kiln 6 SD9335236891 Single Kiln   Intermittent kiln for glacial limestone
Bell Sykes SD7209652674 Single Kiln Poor Dated on lintel 1782
Bellmanpark SD7586243423 Four large Kilns Poor Well hidden adjacent to railway
Burnley SD8449732713 Two Kilns Good In car park below canal embankment
Burnley 2 SD8450732588 Four Kilns Fair Next to canal aqueduct
Caterall Bridge SD506434 Two Kilns Poor Draw tunnel flooded
Chaigley SD6865741760 Single Kiln Fair  
Cockshott Bridge, Barnoldswick SD8866046240 Single Kiln Good Below canal towpath.
Cow Ark SD6732345429 Single Kiln Fair  
Downham SD789444 Small single Kiln Good Close to road
Ellel Hall SD477552 Two Kilns Bad Ruinous condition, part demolished
Fooden SD800486 Single Kiln Poor  
Foulridge Wharf SD888426 Single Kiln Good Sort of restored
Great Dunnow SD7025351295 Single Kiln Bad Part collapsed
Greenalgh Castle SD501448 Single Kiln Bad Part of pot remains
Higher Lickhurst SD6408345982 Single Kiln Good Restored
Higher Underhand SD7046948601 Single Kiln Fair  
Knot Hill SD640447 Single Kiln Good Restored
Lees, Bowland Forest Low SD6563244857 Single Kiln Fair  
Lower Laithe SD706581 Single Kiln Fair Medium sized structure
Mearley SD774408 Single Kiln Fair High on hill. Pot part collapsed
Merrybent Hill SD708565 Single Kiln Remnants Robbed out
Nateby SD474460 Single Kiln Fair By Lancaster Canal
Salthill SD751424 Two Kilns Ruinous  
Scott Laithe SD792485 Single Kiln Ruinous  
Skeleron SD814449 Single Kiln Poor  
Stack Hill Scar SD9406637426 Two Kilns Poor IIntermittent kilns for glacial limestone
Sugar Loaf SD6709350687 Single Kiln Fair  
Sykes SD6275851897 Single Kiln Fair  
The Wood, Rimington SD795451 Single Kiln Ruinous  
Twiston SD808443 Single Kiln Complete Roadside
Twiston SD812442 Single Kiln Fairly complete Roadside
Wallclough SD6051141577 Single Kiln Poor Roadside
Wanless Bridge, Colne SD8727241198 Single Kiln Poor Below Leeds & Liverpool Canal
Whitewell kiln 1 SD6672546600 Single Kiln Poor  
Whitewell kiln 2 SD6658246826 Single Kiln Poor  
Whittle-le-Woods SD583226 Single Kiln Good Second Kiln demolished


Site Location Description Condition Comments
Moira SK313150 Bank of 7 Kilns Good Preserved. Backing onto Ashby Canal
Ticknall SK358237 Fourteen kilns Bad One restored and two others in fair condition with pots filled
Site Location Description Condition Comments
Gayton TF727196 Single Kiln Fair Last used 1975
Guist TF 99987 25564 Single Kiln Good  
Holkham TF869436 Single Kiln Good  
Litcham TF887178 Single Kiln Good In private garden
Swaffham TF785094 Three Kilns Bad Much collapsed
Wells next the Sea TF92334369 Single Kiln Fair Partly filled with rubbish
Site Location Description Condition Comments
Wakerley SP959995 Four Kilns Fair Vestiges of one more, seven more appear to have gone
Site Location Description Condition Comments
Adderstone NU1286431450 Single Kiln Fair Listed Grade II
Agarshill Fell NY 74605 58476 Single Kiln Fair  
Angerton NZ098834 Single Kiln Bad  
Ayle NY 71200 49285 Single Kiln Fair  
Bateinghope Burn NT682034 Two Kilns Bad Face robbed and partly collapsed
Beadnell NU238285 Three Kilns Good By harbour. In National Trust ownership
Beadnell Colliery NU232290 Single Kiln Poor  
Beamwham NY813682 Single Kiln Poor  
Belling Rigg


Single Kiln Fair  
Bellshill West NU124313 Single Kiln Poor  
Birtley NY876776 Single Kiln Fair  
Blakelaw, Bellingham NY 84758 84548 Single Kiln Part collapsed  
Black Heddon NZ 07375 76549 Single Kiln Poor  
Bonaparte's Hill NU 11958 29125 Single Kiln Poor  
Botany, Bewick NU092247 Single Kiln Poor Listed Grade II
Botany, Bewick NU093247 Single Kiln Bad Largely collapsed, draw holes still evident
Bowershield NY 93871 94327 Single Kiln Bad Part collapsed
Bradley Hall NY7818368309 Single Kiln Good Restored
Brunton Quarry NY9267069985 Single Kiln Poor  
Budle Bay NU153353 Single Kiln Poor Part collapsed
Burton Farm NU177326 Single Kiln Good  
Butter Crags NY658506 Structure Part collapsed Single Kiln standing in isolation
Cargies NU0209549655 Single Kiln Bad Collapsing into the sea
Carrshield NY7994847367 Single Kiln Fair  
Carrshield kiln 2 NY8038246351 Single KIln Poor  
Cat Inn NU0104746931 Single Kiln Fair Listed Grade II
Chatton Colliery Farm NU090303 Single Kiln Poor  
Christon Bank NU218227 Two Kilns Good  
Closehead NY897932 Single Kiln Fair  
Cocklaw NY931709 Two Kilns Good  
Cocklawburn, Scremerston NU032481 Three Kilns   Demolished since 1981
Colwell NY947754 Single Kiln Poor  
Craggyhall, Belford NU097345 Single Kiln Good Small farm Kiln in very good order. Listed Grade II
Crindledykes NY781671 Single Kiln Fair  
Cuddy's Crag NY778690 Single Kiln Poor  
Dunstan Square NU247212

Single Kiln

Dykehead NY844985 Two Kilns Fair  
Dryburn NU005410 Single Kiln Fair Listed Grade II
Easington NU120353 Single Kiln Poor  
Far Skerr NU0341548108 Single Kiln Bad Collapsing into sea. Listed Grade II
Fell End Farm NY678655 Two Kilns Bad Part collapsed
Fourstones NY886677 Seven Kilns Poor Part collapsed
Grasslees NY960983 Two Kilns Poor One draw arch collapsing
Great Tosson


Single Kiln


Green Carts NY8878871698 Single Kiln Poor  
Greenchesters, Otterburn NY8728594259 Single Kiln Fair Listed Grade II
Hadwin's Close


Single Kiln Fair  
Haltwhistle Burn NY70986574 Single Kiln Poor  
Hanging Shaw NY659521      
Harlaw Hill NU218157 Single Kiln Poor Field Kiln. Listed Grade II
Hazelrigg, Charlton NU069341 Single Kiln Poor Part collapsed
Hemmel Rigg NY810711 Single Kiln Fair  
Hetton NU028356 Two Kilns Poor Base flooded
High Hartington NZ023887 Two Kilns Fair Listed Grade II
Hobberlaw NU1703311548 Two Kilns Poor  
Hoppen NU160316     Possibly destroyed
Kennedy Limeworks (Holy Island) NU122430 Several Kilns   Overgrown
Kiln Rigg NY8168891464 Two Kilns Poor Draw arches collapsing
Limestone Hill (Knarsdale Common) NY648511 Structure    
Lindisfarne, Castle Point NU138417 Six Kilns Good Restored Scheduled Monument
Littlemill, Rennington NU227173 Single Kiln Good Listed Grade II
Littlemill, Rennington NU228174 Eight Kilns Good Listed Grade II*
Low Alwinton NT925056

Single Kiln

Good Restored
Lucker NU146305     Only a mound remains. Adderstone Hall Quarry
Middleton, Kiln Wood NU073340 Single Kiln Poor Listed Grade II
Mount Hooley Dean NU050412 Single Kiln Fair  
Muggleswick Lead Mill NZ057490 Single Kiln Poor Listed Grade II
Park Shield, Fourstones NY894689 Single Kiln Poor  
Rock, Rennington NU189200 Single Kiln Poor Listed Grade II
Rugley Walls NZ016867 Three Kilns Poor Some masony remains
Seahouses NU220322 Seven? Kilns Good Pots filled & draw tunnels used for storage
Shellbraes NZ001718 Single Kiln Fair  
Shilbottle NU200090 Single Kiln Fair Listed Grade II
Spartywell NY786517

Single Kiln

Spindlestone NU152336 Single Kiln Fair  
Thornbrough NZ013652 Single Kiln Good  
Thorngreen Quarry NY8455046616 Two Kilns Good  
Todholes NY6481864353 Single Kiln Fair  
Tower Tye NY893707 Single Kiln Fair  
Walltown NY683 6648 Single Kiln Poor The front of the pot has collapsed. Listed Grade II
Wardshill NZ0850697245 Single Kiln Fair  
Warenton NU107310 Single Kiln Poor Listed Grade II - Mousen Burn limeKiln
Warenton NU106312 Single Kiln Poor Listed Grade II - Mousen Burn limeKiln
West Crag, Shotley NZ0544848932 Single Kiln Poor Part collapsed. Listed Grade II
White House, Capheaton NZ017786 Single Kiln Poor  
Whitehouse NZ052941 Two Kilns Fair  
Site Location Description Condition Comments
Craignant Kilns 1 SJ2541035050 Two Kilns Poor  
Hampton Bank SJ451344 Three Kilns Fair On private land
Lilleshall Deep Kiln SJ7342416463 Single Kiln Fair
Lilleshall Triple Kilns SJ7343016410 Three Kilns Good Recent restoration work
Lincoln Hill, Ironbridge SJ6684003645 Three Kilns Good Preserved
Llanymynech SJ267212 Hoffman Kiln Fair Local authority owned site
Llanymynech SJ267212 Single Kiln Fair Large Kiln - local authority owned site
Llanymynech Hill SJ265218 Three Kilns Fair  
Llanymynech Hill SJ267217 Two Kilns Fair  
Llanymynech Hill SJ266216 Two Kilns Fair  
Llynclys Hill SJ2716224118 Three Kilns Poor Part collapsed
Nantmawr SJ2538724278 Eight Kilns Fair  
Pant SJ274218 Six Kilns Fair Left hand Kiln draw tunnel buried
Quina Brook SJ523329 Four Kilns Poor In garden
Quina Brook SJ523328 Five Kilns Poor Pots collapsing
Weston Wharf SJ421256 Four Kilns Poor In private garden
Site Location Description Condition Comments
Battscombe Quarry ST45975462 Two Kilns Good  
Bossington Beach, Porlock Bay SS89054827 Single Kiln Fair Remains of earlier kilns alongside
Bennets Ripple, Clevedon ST41307226 Single Kiln Fair  
Callow Hill kiln 1 ST43985644 Single Kiln Poor  
Callow Hill kiln 2 ST4315 5558 Single Kiln Bad  
Callow Hill kiln 3 ST4304 5614 Single Kiln Poor  
Chewton Mendip ST60155283 Single Kiln Fair  
Evercreech ST64453884 Three Kilns Demolished  
Failand Hill ST5111172694 Single Kiln Good Water tank now built on top
Halse kiln 1 ST1378629393 Single Kiln Fair  
Halse kiln 2 ST1366429392 Single Kiln Fair  
Milton, Wookey ST5384747038 Two Kilns Fair  
Newland Quarry SS8250738510 Two Kilns Poor  
Rowberrow Bottom ST45545809 Single Kiln Good  
Sandford ST4204358978 Three Kilns Good  
Sidelands kiln 1 ST49447232 Single Kiln Ruinous  
Sidelands kiln 2 ST49727219 Single Kiln Ruinous  
Steepholm kiln 1 ST2312460559 Single Kiln Good  
Uphill, Weston-Super-Mare ST31475848 Single Kiln Good Restored 1980s
Site Location Description Condition Comments
Brownlow, Lower Elkstones SK0751457922 Single Kiln Fair  
Budgetts Farm SK07555613 Single Kiln Good Well conserved
Chase Wood


Two Kilns Fair Pot linings collapsing
Consall Forge SJ998492 Four Kilns Good Restored by local authority
Froghall SK026476 Six Kilns Good Restored by local authority
Gradbach SK0037766342 Single Kiln Ruinous  

Hall Dale

SK1334553469 Single Kiln Fair  
Leek SJ9768856897 Three Kilns Poor Filled in but face of bank and draw tunnels survive
Mere Hill kiln 1 SK1030653007 Single Kiln Fair Draw kiln replacing the nearby intermittent kiln
Mere Hill kiln 2 SK1035053040 Single Kiln   Intermittent kiln


SJ8595749290 Two Kilns Ruinous Filled in
Miles Knoll SK10584890 Single KIln   Intermittent earthen kiln
Moorside, Elkstones SK0647159175 Single Kiln Fair  
Musden Low SK1187349806 Single KIln Poor  
Sandon SJ9455829071 Single Kiln Good Partially restored
Slade House, Waterhouses SK1109551374 Single Kiln Good  
Summerhill Farm, Ecton SK0978357421 Single Kiln Fair  
Throwley SK 069952042 Single Kiln Poor  
Upper Elkstone SK0511258579 Intermittent Kiln Good  
Warslow kiln 1 SK0737059148 Intermittent Kiln Poor  
Weaver Farm SK1067146583 Two Kilns Good One pot infilled, significant restoration undertaken
Waterhouses SK0856850232 Two Kilns Fair  
Site Location Description Condition Comments
Offton TM073493 Single Kiln Fair  
The Glen TL863648 Single Kiln Fair  
Site Location Description Condition Comments
Cocking SU8776017130 Eight Kilns Good  
Aisgill SD787964 Single Kiln Fair  
Allerston SE8836883168 Four Kilns Fair Large draw Kilns
Appersett, Wensleydale SD8572790689 Single Kiln Good  
Askrigg Greets kiln 1 SD9597193132 Single Kiln Poor  
Askrigg Greets kiln 2 SD9591892882
Single Kiln Fair  
Barf End SD9596598562 Single Kiln Fair  
Bell Bank, Skirethorns SD9816164059 Single Kiln Fair Conserved by the Caravan Club
Birk Park SE0047499113 Single Kiln Poor  
Birks End, Grinton SD9876596851 Single Kiln Fair  
Blakethwaite Smelt Mill NY9367001815 Single Kiln Good  
Blea Moor SD75308107 Single Kiln Poor  
Booth's Swing Bridge, Silsden SE0580943628 Single Kiln Fair  
Brockabank Bridge SD934567 Single Kiln Fair  
Bruntscar SD7392079062 Single Kiln Fair  
Burgate Farm SE9699395020 Single Kiln Fair  
Burniston TA003936 Single Kiln Good  
Burton Leonard SE323629 Single Kiln Fair Remains of another Kiln pot nearby
Camshouse Pasture SD9072890288 Single Kiln Poor  
Castle Wood, Reeth NZ037004 Single Kiln Poor  
Cawton SE63997672 Single Kiln Good  
Chapel-le-Dale Kiln 1 SD7368077335 Single Kiln Poor  
Chapel-le-Dale Kiln 2 SD7453577637 Single Kiln Fair  
Coalsgarth Gate NZ1441003149 Single Kiln Fair  
Coalsgarth Gate kiln 2 NZ1422803191 Single Kiln Poor  
Cobble Hall NZ672103 Two Kilns Fair Pots filled in
Cogden Bank Quarry SE0523197562 Single Kiln Fair  
Cogden Moor SE0511296622 Single Kiln Poor Three draw tunnels
Cote Pasture, Preston Under Scar SE0806391817 Single Kiln Poor  
Cotter End SD8273293021 Single Kiln Fair  
Cotter Side SD81439321 Single Kiln Fair  
Cotterby Scar NY8822001609 Single Kiln Poor Intermittent kiln
Cow Close SD8788274053 Single Kiln Fair  
Cringley Hill NZ000006 Single Kiln Fair  
Crow Nest SD7827866794 Single Kiln Poor  
Dawson Close SD87097361 Single Kiln Poor  
Dry Gill SE0857063475 Two Kilns Ruinous Faces robbed and largely collapsed
Elam Grange, Keighley SE0641043185 Single Kiln Good  
Far Allotment, Askrigg SD9489892286 Single Kiln Fair  
Farnhill SE0030746290 Single Kiln Fair  
Forcett NZ1697311067 Single Kiln Fair  
Green Hills, Grinton SD998968 Single Kiln Fair  
Grange Farm, Harwood Dale SE9678595215 Single Kiln Good  
Hag Wood, Satron SD9537897580 Single Kiln Poor Beginning to collapse
Harden Beck, Silsden SE0523245137 Two Kilns Fair  
Hargill Lane, Carperby SE0062690557 Single Kiln Fair  
Harmby SE1256290203 Three Kilns Good Large commercial Kilns
Hartlington SE0380261558 Single Kiln Good Recently conserved
Haw Bank, Woodhall SD9847089948 Single Kiln Bad  
Hawks Wood, Thorpe Salvin Kiln 1 SK5275881512 Single Kiln Poor 18th century flare Kiln with 2 draw tunnels
Hawks Wood, Thorpe Salvin Kiln 2 SK5272281513 Single Kiln Poor 18th century flare Kiln
Hawks Wood, Thorpe Salvin Kiln 3 SK5270281521 Single Kiln Poor 18th century flare Kiln
Hawks Wood, Thorpe Salvin Kiln 4 SK5269081545 Single Kiln Poor 18th century flare Kiln
Hazel Head Wood, Hawnby SE5283793200 Single Kiln Good  
Helm Green, Askrigg SD9303191457 Single Kiln Good  
High Bank House, Reeth SE0456299814 Single Kiln Fair  
High Dyke SD805939 Single Kiln Poor  
High Oxque, Marrick SE0958898635 Single Kiln Fair  
Hill Castles Scar, Conistone SD991684 Single Kiln Fair  
Higher Heights Holes Kiln 1 SD9569764649 Single Kiln Good  
Higher Heights Holes Kiln 2 SD9541364666 Single Kiln Ruinous  
Higher Heights Holes Barn SD9579364670 Single Kiln Ruinous  
Ilton-cum-Pott SE1848778415 Single Kiln Good  
Hunder Sike NY9291919023 Single Kiln Fair  
Kealcup Hill SD9368565077 Single Kiln    
Keld 1 NY8775701619 Single Kiln Fair  
Keld 2 NY8755601597 Single Kiln Fair  
Keld 3 NY89500054 Single Kiln Fair  
Keld 4 NY89370001 Single Kiln Poor  
Keld 5 NY8853601647 Single Kiln Poor  
Keld 6 NY90060076 Single Kiln Poor  
Keld 7 NY8896801613 Single Kiln Poor  
Keld Side NY8826901527 Single Kiln Fair  
Langcliffe SD823663 Hoffman Kiln Fair Preserved
Layrus Wood, Swinithwaite SE0368888422 Single Kiln Good Restored
Lindrick with Studley Royal SE270720 Single Kiln Poor Face collapsing
Low Lineseed Head SD926687 Single Kiln Poor  
Malham Moor SD9495064911 Single Kiln Fair  
Malham Moor Lane SD9683064614 Single Kiln Good  
Markenfield Hall SE298674 Single Kiln Fair  
Maze Pasture SD89449151 Single Kiln Poor  
Meal Bank SD6960073505 Hoffman Kiln Poor Part demolished
Micklethwaite SE1037840667 Two Kilns Fair  
Mill Gill, Askrigg SD9384791417 Single Kiln Good  
Moor Lane, Threshfield SD9828063217 Single Kiln Poor Largely demolished
Newbridge, Pickering Kiln 1 SE8006885391 Single Kiln Poor  
Newbridge, Pickering Kiln 2 SE8010285336 Single Kiln Poor One Kiln survives from bank of four
New Close Bank SE066991 Single Kiln Poor  
Nook, Conistone SE000674 Single Kiln Fair  
Old Byland SE5442085687 Four Kilns Poor Part collapsed but some parts conserved
Old Pasture, Conistone SD994673 Single Kiln Fair  
Orms Gill Green SD86995988 Single Kiln Fair Listed Grade II
Outgang Laithe SD9713566356 Single Kiln Poor  
Outgang Lane, Thornton Rust SD9719588527 Single Kiln Good Partly restored
Parkholme, Healaugh SE0192399194 Single Kiln Fair  

Plane Tree Farm, Hawnby

SE5151494193 Single Kiln Good  
Potting, Gunnerside SD9550498878 Single Kiln Fair  
Reels Head SE0627198875 Single Kiln Good  
Ribblehead SD7734578381 Single Kiln Fair  
Riddings Bushes SE0209599403 Single Kiln Poor  
Satron SD 946977 Single Kiln Fair  
Satron Side SD9352696657 Single Kiln Fair  
Seal Houses NY989044 Single Kiln Good  
Seata Quarry, Aysgarth SD9923188542 Single Kiln Fair  
Sedbusk SD8860791030 Single Kiln Good  
Selside SD7787 7759 Single Kiln Poor  
Shaw Paddock SD782952 Single Kiln Poor  
Shutt Gate SD88579210 Single Kiln Poor  
Skirwith SD70827 73977 Single Kiln Fair Small Kiln alongside road
Stainforth SD8253867307 Single Kiln Fair Remains of building alongside top of Kiln
Stainforth, Murgatroyd's Limeworks SD823664 Three Kilns Fair Cut into rock face
Stony Woods Pasture, West Burton

SE03060 87451

Single Kiln Fair  
Storrs Common, Ingleton SD7015173399 Single Kiln Poor  
Studley Park SE281699 Single Kiln Fair  
Suffield SE9776790070 Single Kiln Poor  
Tan Hill NY88620356 Single Kiln Fair  

Thirley Cote

SE9766894987 Single Kiln Good  
Thorney Mire, Hawes SD8580889832 Single Kiln Fair  
Thornton Rust Moor SD9645088365 Single Kiln Good  
Thorny Bank, Redmire Quarry SE0459593043 Single Kiln Poor Part collapsed
Toft Gate SE1302864377 Single Kiln Fair Separate fireboxes, large furnace design
Warber Hill SD888598 Single Kiln Good Large draw Kiln. Scheduled Ancient Monument
Warmsworth Quarry SE5344700542 Two Kilns Fair Large draw kilns
West Shawcote SD9084090802 Single Kiln Poor  
Whaw NY 982049 Single Kiln Fair  
Winskill Stones, Langcliffe SD8357566122 Single Kiln Fair  
Winterburn SD933571 Single Kiln Fair  
Winterings Edge NY942002 Single Kiln


Winterings Pastures SD94619970 Single Kiln Fair  
Winterscales Farm SD7539480202 Single Kiln    
Yore Mills, Aysgarth SE0103888596 Single Kiln Fair  


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