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Site Location Description Condition Comments
Caim SH6186280723 Single kiln Good Two draw holes
Flagstaff Quarry SH6343780645 Two kilns Good  
Llanbadrig Church SH3749894655 Single kiln Poor  
Llanfawr SH4491573480 Single kiln Fair Two draw holes
Lledwigan SH453736 Two kilns Fair
Lledwigan 2 SH4596273920 Two kilns Good
Porth Amlwch SH4505893441 Single kiln Good Three draw holes
Porth-y-Pistyll SH3480193579 Single kiln Fair  
Red Wharf Bay SH5224181172

Single kiln

Good Tower kiln incorporated into modern house
Rhuddgaer SH4442563666 Single kiln Fair
Traeth Bychan SH513849 Single kiln Fair
Traeth Bychan SH514845 Single kiln Fair
Trwyn y Parc SH3722894103 Single kiln Poor
Site Location Description Condition Comments
Ogmore Castle SS8814976937 Single kiln Ruinous 14th century kiln within castle
Site Location Description Condition Comments
Cwm Leyshon lower kiln ST 21268690 Single kiln Bad  
Cwm Leyshon upper kiln ST 21148703 Single kiln Bad  
Machen ST2205788610 Two kilns Fair
Van Road, Rudry ST1779386153 Two kiln Fair Preserved by the Forestry Commission
Site Location Description Condition Comments
Cwm Nofydd ST1470583051 Single kiln Poor No draw tunnels just open bays
Flatholm ST21906502 Single kiln Poor  
Gelli Quarry ST1454083210 Single kiln Poor No draw tunnels just open bays
Site Location Description Condition Comments
Clogau Bach, Pen Rhiw-ddu, kilns 1 & 2 SN715193 Two kilns Fair Intermittent kilns
Clogau Bach, Pen Rhiw-ddu, kiln 3 SN7175519345 Single kiln Good Intermittent kiln
Craig y Nos and Blaen y Gwawr quarries, Foel Fawr, kiln 1 SN7369818978 Single kiln Good  
Foel Fawr SN731190 Single kiln Poor Concrete face over stone built kiln
Henllys Vale SN762137 Four kilns Fair Some restoration and stabilisation has been undertaken here
Llandybie SN615167 A large bank of at least 10 kilns Fair A most impressive series of kilns from at least five different dates
Pant y Ffynnon SN7356719087 Seven kilns Ruinous An impressive set of kilns and tips
Site Location Description Condition Comments
Aberystwyth Kiln 1 SN5822681153 Single kiln Good  
Aberystwyth Kiln 2 SN5821381204 Single kiln Good  
Ceibwr SN110455 Single kiln Fair  
Craiglas - Llanrhystud SN518683

Four kilns

Cwmtydu SN3559457511 Single kiln Good  
Mwnt SN19415178 Single kiln Fair  
Wallog SN590857 Single kiln Good On beach
Site Location Description Condition Comments
Bryn Afon SJ1876158333 Single kiln Poor  
Bryn Goleu Kiln 1 SJ21934552 Single kiln Poor Front collapsed
Bryn Goleu Kiln 2 SJ21974548 Single kiln Fair Large tree growing in filled pot
Bryn Goleu Kiln 3 SJ21924572 Single kiln Poor Front collapsed
Bryn-yr-ardd, Llanferes SJ1915759656 Single kiln Fair  
Coed y Fedw, Llanferes SJ1984761695 Single kiln Bad Partly collapsed
Craig-y-Ddywart SJ1110659221 Three kilns Good
Dinbren Isaf SJ22104405 Single kiln Poor


SJ06057898 Single kiln Fair Large commercial draw kiln. Draw tunnel walled up
Erw-fawr SJ18575294 Single kiln Traces Mainly collapsed
Graig, Tremeirchion SJ0848771869 Single kiln Good
Graig Fechan SJ1484254553 Two kilns Poor
Llanerch SJ1959058289 Single kiln Good Listed grade II
Marian Frith SJ07577830 Single kiln Traces Collapsed
Plassau SJ07787811 Single kiln Traces
Prestatyn SJ07138207 Single kiln Fair Large commercial draw kiln
Plas Ifa Kiln 1 SJ24624238 Single kiln Traces mainly collapsed
Plas Ifa Kilns 2 SJ24724233 Three kilns Fair One partly collapsed
Plas-y-gwlanod SJ2026557255 Single kiln Fair  
Rhos Isaf SJ18895327 Single kiln Poor Old field kiln. Rectangular draw hole



Single kiln Fair Old field kiln built into rock face
Tan-y-Castell SJ22564338 Single kiln Fair Barbecue built into one wall!
Trevor SJ2416142620 Four kilns Poor Large commercial kilns. Front largely collapsed
Trevor SJ2412842638 Three kilns Good Large commercial kilns. Datestone 1881
Ty Canol SJ2484842270 Single kiln Poor Pot collapsed
Ty-newydd SJ17915182 Single kiln Poor
Ty'n-Llanfair SJ1365351962 Single kiln Poor Two draw holes. Part collapse
World's End SJ23284786 Single kiln Poor Front collapsed
Site Location Description Condition Comments
Bryn Hyfryd SJ2855858358 Single kiln Traces  
Bryn Yorkin SJ2995056752 Single kiln Fair  
Brynford Common Kiln 1 SJ1733474597 Single kiln Poor  
Brynford Common Kiln 2 SJ1737874548 Single kiln Poor Part collapsed
Bychan Coed kiln 1, Gwernaffield SJ1914963592 Single kiln Fair  
Bychan Coed kiln 2, Gwernaffield SJ1911263541 Single kiln Bad Ruinous
Caerwys Hall SJ130739 Single kiln Traces  
Cefn Mawr kiln 1 SJ2045163323 Single kiln Poor Collapsing
Coed Cefn-bychan SJ1889563862 Single kiln Bad Pot collapsed
Coed Maes-mynan SJ1209572764 Single kiln Poor Collapsing
Creud y Hafod, Gwernymynydd SJ2114763230 Single kiln Poor Part collapsed
Crowndale Quarry SJ2819755919 Single kiln Fair Medium sized commercial kiln
Ffrith SJ2852455460 Two kilns Fair  
Ffrith Quarries SJ2816255709 Two kilns Fair Medium sized commercial kilns
Freezland-bach SJ2214160571 Single kiln Poor Very small intermittent kiln
Fron Haul SJ2818958033 Single kiln Fair  
Gelli SJ1299478308 Two kilns Fair Left kiln pot filled-in
Gwernymynydd SJ2136262321 Two kilns Fair Large commmercial kilns
Llanfynydd SJ2816856477 Three kilns Poor  
Nannerch SJ1695069300

Single kiln

Ochr-y-foel SJ212687 Single kiln Fair Pot part collapsed
Pant-y-buarth SJ1978363928 Single kiln Poor  
Pantymwyn Kiln 1 SJ2057165298 Single kiln Poor  
Pantymwyn Kiln 2 SJ2055065492 Single kiln Traces  
Pant-y-pydew SJ185731 Five kilns Poor Part collapsed
Penfforddbedw SJ15677676 Single kiln Excellent  
Penrhiw, Hope Mountain SJ2906556580 Single kiln Traces  
Pentre Halkyn SJ197720 Several intermittent kilns Fair  
Pentre, Lixwm SJ166719 Single kiln Poor  
Pen-y-gelli SJ134760 Single kiln Bad Only half of the pot remains
Pen-y-gelli - Cilcain SJ1795068682 Single kiln Fair  
Pen-y-fford, Brynford SJ1756873865 Two kilns Poor Pots collapsing
Penymynydd SJ274503 Single kiln Fair Trees damaging top and bowl
Rhes-y-cae SJ196709 Two kilns Fair  
Ryhdymwyn SJ2014567348 Single kiln Good  
Trelawnyd SJ0892679228 Single kiln Poor Largely collapsed
Ty-uchaf SJ284567 Single kiln Poor Flat top to draw tunnel
Waun-y-llyn SJ2843457679 Single kiln Traces  
Werngate Farm SJ2588254873 Single kiln Poor Pot filled in and tree growing out
Site Location Description Condition Comments
Abersoch SH3143828357 Single kiln Fair  
Tyddyn-Hen SH4002349012 Single kiln Fair  
Ynys Cyngar SH5542536619 Single kiln Fair On beach. Two draw arches opposite sides
Site Location Description Condition Comments
Odynau Tyle-y-bont, Pontsticill SO0611011195 Six kilns Fair With incline and winding drum
Site Location Description Condition Comments
Abersychan Quarry SO2708102951 Single kiln Fair  
Blackrock, Clydach Gorge SO217127 Three kilns Fair  
Cilwrgi, Llandegfedd ST3406698286 Single kiln Fair  
Clydach, Llanelly Quarry SO222124 Two kilns Fair  
Clydach, Llanelly Quarry SO222124 Two kilns Poor  
Clydach Limeworks SO233126 Two kilns Fair  
Clydach Limeworks SO234125 Single kiln Fair  
Craig-y-Llan, Rudry ST19768639 Single kiln Bad  
Cockshoot Wood, Chepstow ST51749443 Single kiln Fair  
Garnclochdy, Llanover SO2938206031 Single kiln Poor Partly demolished
Gilwern SO2424014746 Four? kilns Poor  
Gomer's Castle, Torfaen SO2666007093 Single kiln Bad Partly demolished
Goytre Wharf SO31285063445 Three kilns Good Preserved
Mounton, nr Chepstow ST50749320 Single kiln Fair  
Pant Gwyn, Llanhennock ST3698692553 Single kiln Fair  
Penhow ST4223191061 Single kiln Poor  
Penterry Farm, Tintern ST52409950 Single kiln Poor  
Porthcasseg Farm, Tintern ST523976 Single kiln Poor Partly demolished
Tintern ST5332099763 Single kiln Fair  
Wyndcliff ST53309820 Single kiln Poor  
Ysgubor Newydd ST24239186 Single kiln Bad  
Site Location Description Condition Comments
Maes-gwyn SN858051 Single kiln Fair Overgrown, by canal
Site Location Description Condition Comments
Pen-Sarn, Rogerstone ST 2841888567 Single kiln Poor Unexplained toothed iron ring around top of pot
Porton ST38948263 Single kiln Poor  
Site Location Description Condition Comments
Aber Fforest SN0254039520 Single kiln Fair  
Aberbach SM885350 Single kiln Fair Very overgrown
Abercastle SM852337 Single kiln Fair  
Abereiddi SM7975531242 Single kiln Poor  
Abereiddi SM7979931261 Single kiln Bad  
Aberfforest SN026398 Single kiln Fair  
Caerbwdi SM767244 Single kiln Fair  
Caldey Island SS140968 Single kiln Good  
Ceibwr SN109457 Single kiln Poor Part collapsed
Dale, Castlebeach SM818051 Single kiln Poor Part collapsed
Dale, Pickleridge SM808066 Two kilns Fair  
Fishguard, Musland SM963369 Single kiln Poor  
Fishguard, Slade


Two kilns Poor One part collapsed
Frainslake SR903975

Single kiln

Good Restored by National Park
Goldborough Pill


Single kiln Good  
Gwadn SM803238 Single kiln Poor Earth and stone
Landshipping Quay SN009109 Single kiln Good  
Little Milford SM967119 Single kiln Good  
Lower Solva SM806243 Single kiln Good  
Lower Solva SM807245 Single kiln Poor Formerly two kilns here
Manorbier SS063981 Single kiln Poor Part collapsed
Milford Haven, Castle Pill SM913060 Single kiln Fair  
Milford Haven, Priory Pill SM903070 Single kiln Traces  
Milford Haven, Priory Pill SM903071 Single kiln Fair One of three previously on site
Mill Haven SM817123 Single kiln Poor Part collapsed
Newgale SM850217 Single kiln Good  
Newport, Bryncyn SN062397 Single kiln Good  
Newport, Parrog SN051396 Two kilns Good  
Neyland SM959052 Single kiln Good Restored


Single kiln

Porthclais, Porthllisky SM740242 Two kilns Good National Trust
Porthclais Quay SM741242 Two kilns Poor National Trust. One part collapsed
Porthgain SM814325 Single kiln Good  
Porth Mynawyd


Single kiln Poor Completely overgrown
Pwllgwaelod SN005398 Single kiln Good  
St Brides SM802109 Single kiln Fair  
Sandy Farm, St Ishmael's SM85310750 Single kiln Fair  
Sandy Haven SM857087 Single kiln Good Restored
Sandy Haven SM853074 Single kiln Good Restored
Skokholm Island SM 74104 05155 Single kiln Fair  
Skomer Island SM 73405 09537 Single kiln Good  
Solva Harbour SM804241 Four kilns Good  
Stackpole Quay SR992958 Single kiln Good National Trust
Stepaside Kiln 1 SN1406007383 Single kiln Fair  
Stepaside Kilns 2 SN1407007342 Six kilns Fair Four pots have collapsed
Tenby, Blackrock Kiln House SN1180700149

Single kiln

Tenby, Blackrock Quarries SN1225100154 Six kilns Good In holiday park
Tenby, Blackrock Quarries SN1208000139 Six kilns Good In holiday park
Tenby, Salterns SN128006 Two kilns Good  

West Angle


Single kiln

Poor Partly collapsed
Site Location Description Condition Comments
Belan, Bank 1 SJ21720531 Four kilns Fair  
Belan, Bank 2 SJ21760533 Four kilns Fair  
Blaen-dyffryn Crawnon kiln 1 SO0938215027 Single kiln Poor  
Blaen-dyffryn Crawnon kiln 2 SO0945915006 Single kiln Poor  
Brithdir SJ19960229 Three kilns Fair  
Buttington Wharf SJ24120891 Three kilns Fair  
Carnau Gwynion SN9210914633 Single kiln Good  
Carnau Gwynion kiln 2 SN919143 Single kiln Ruinous  
Carnau Gwynion kiln 3 SN919144 Single kiln Ruinous  
Craig y Castell, Llangattock SO1706016744 Two kilns Fair  
Cwar Blaen-dyffryn SO0995215075 Single kiln Ruinous  
Ffos Y Wern SO1001015135 Single kiln Poor  
Garthmyl SO19419926 Five kilns Poor Only two remaining
Gwaun Danydarren SO09221506 Single kiln Poor  
Llangattock SO 206171 Two kilns Poor Partly demolished
Llangattock SO 206172 Four kilns Good  
Maerdy SJ26391695 Three kilns Poor  
Pant-y-Rhiw, Llangattock SO 205154 Single kiln Poor  
Pencelli SO0935124998 Two kilns Traces Roadside walled up draw tunnels
Penwyllt, Craig-y-nos SN8555715777 Two kilns Poor 1878 datestone
Penwyllt, Pen-y-foel SN854153 Four kilns Poor Part collapsed
Penwyllt, Twyn-disgwylfa SN8554516141 Seven kilns Traces One draw arch remaining
Penwyllt, Twyn-y-ffald SN8527715989 Two kilns Traces  
Pontsticill Junction SO06261230 Single kiln Fair  
Sennybridge SN9166328346 Two kilns Fair  
Talybont SO1172622401 Four kilns Good  
Varchoel SJ23301272 Two kilns Poor  
Watton, Brecon SO0551727916 Four kilns? Fair  
Site Location Description Condition Comments
Hirwaun SN95950589 Two kilns Poor
Taffs Well ST12758215 Single kiln? Poor
Site Location Description Condition Comments
Knab Rock, Mumbles SS6255787618 Two kilns Poor  
Leason Wood, Llanrhidian kiln 1 SS4877392507 Single kiln Ruinous  
Little Tor, Gower SS5289387986 Single kiln Good Restored
Llandewi, Gower SS462887 Single kiln Poor  
Llanmadoc SS4401393741 Single kiln Poor  
Lodge Cwm, Llethryd SS5268190483 Single kiln Por  
Lunnon, Gower SS544900 Single kiln Good Restored
Mewslade Bay kiln 1 SS4142987441 Single kiln Poor  
Mewslade Bay kiln 2 SS4191487268 Single kiln Poor  
Overton Mere SS4540384900 Single kiln Poor  
Oxwich Wood SS4982686426 Single kiln Fair  
Oystermouth kiln 1 SS6117588303 Single kiln Fair  
Park Wood SS53788986 Single kiln Good Listed grade II
Pengwern Farm SS53449102 Single kiln Poor Poking bar in situ in draw hole
Ram Grove SS4303086851 Single kiln Poor  
Thurba SS4216987004 Single kiln Poor  
Vennaway, Gower SS5636589467 Single kiln Fair  
Weobley Castle SS4774492736 Single kiln Fair  
Willoxton, Parkmill SS53899000 Single kiln Good  
Site Location Description Condition Comments
Garn Wen, Upper Cwmbran ST 2703396310 Single kiln Bad Partly demolished
Graig Quarry, Cwmavon SO 2701007530 Single kiln Poor Face demolished
Henllys ST26019448 Single kiln Poor  
Ty Coch, Cwmbran ST2883593877 Two kilns Good Restored 1988
Site Location Description Condition Comments
Aberthaw ST 0381866120 Two kilns Fair Kilns to burn pebbles from the foreshore
Coed Nant-Bran ST 1029273497 Single kiln Ruinous  
Storehouse Point ST 106668 Two kilns Fair Top grassed to form a park
Sully ST 1525568560 Two kilns Fair Listed Grade II
Site Location Description Condition Comments
Atcherley SJ 261517 Three kilns Poor Part collapsed
Crogen Iddon SJ2570037767 Three kilns Poor Centre kiln collapsed
Froncysyllte SJ 273412 Two kilns Poor Part demolished
Froncysyllte SJ 276411 Large bank of kilns Fair  
Fron-deg SJ 2764149280 Single kiln Poor  
Minera SJ 257518 Six kilns Good  
Minera SJ 2565552010 Seven kilns Poor Tops modified and pots filled
Minera SJ255519 Hoffman Kiln Poor  


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