Location Blackrock Limeworks, Clydach Gorge.
County Monmouth
Grid Reference SO 217127
Date of visit 5 September 2003

The Blackrock Limeworks kilns served the Daren ddu (Black rock) quarry immediately to the north-east. This quarry was connected to a spur from the Clydach Railroad. In 1800 it was let to the proprietors of the Brecknock Boat Company. The present kilns date from the nineteenth century. There are three kilns with the one at the eastern end being set further back from the road.

The two kilns at the front have different draw holes with the right-hand one showing a modernised set of double holes.

In 1900 Benjamin Watkins of Llangatock Wharf was working the quarries and kilns.Lime was still being exported from here to the canal at Gilwern by the Clydach Railroad in 1915.

  This view from across the Clydach valley shows the kilns with tramroad incline descending from the right with a branch to the top of the kiln bank. The third kiln is at the right-hand end behind the vegetation

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