Location Atcherley Kilns
Borough Wrexham
Grid Reference SJ 261517
Date of visit 21 March 2004





A search along the old mineral railway branch towards the New Brighton lead mines at Minera will reveal the Atcherley kilns hidden uphill slightly to the east of the main quarry. The three kilns burned limestone from the nearby Cae Coch quarry and were abandoned in 1887 due to the rock becoming unprofitable to work. In recent years the front wall of the left side kiln has collapsed entirely, as has some of the front of the centre kiln, and further deterioration is inevitable.

This bank was also known as Harrison's Kilns and there is a record of their being closed after a freak thunderstorm flooded them in 1879, putting out the fire, slaking the lime and bursting the wall of one of the kilns! I am grateful to Cliff Davies for this information.

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