Wrexham Limekilns

Minera Limeworks, the bank of six draw kilns.


Derelict quarry workings at Minera Limeworks

The extraction of limestone from the deposits to the west of Minera has been extensive and long-lasting, with the last quarry only ceasing operations in 1994. Commercial production of lime for industry was established in the mid-nineteenth century when the Minera Lime Company and William Lester were operating two large adjacent quarries.

Markets for the lime and limestone included the iron and steel industryas far away as Staffordshire and Lancashire, and also various chemical manufacturers.

The main source of information on the quarries in this area used for these pages is: Minera Lead Mines and Quarries, edited by John Bennett. Published by Wrexham Maelor Borough Council in 1995.

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Fron-deg Minera Limeworks
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