Location Minera Limeworks
Borough Wrexham
Grid Reference SJ 257518
Date of visit 21 March 2004

Limeburning at Minera is recorded from as early as 1620 but the kilns seen here were erected by the Minera Lime Company which was established in 1852. This bank of six large kilns was completed in the 1850's., at which time the total output from the Minera area quarries was estimated (1859) to be around 300,000 tons with 200,000 tons of this converted to lime.

Inside the draw arches there is some variety in the layout of poking-hole, draw-hole and grate.

The top of these draw kilns has recently been cleared of vegetation.

Looking into the pot of one kiln clearly shows the firebrick lining and the plate around the poke-hole at the bottom where the taper is very obvious.

These kilns are in good condition and are an excellent example of nineteenth century commercial lime production units.

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