Location Clydach Limeworks
County Monmouth
Grid Reference SO 233126
Date of visit 5 September 2003

Limestone from Cwm Quarry was worked down a self-acting incline to a pair of kilns and railway interchange siding. The kilns were probably erected around 1877 when the railway line was doubled, a second tunnel built, and the viaduct widened.

The two kilns were served by a pair of draw arches for each. They ceased work in the 1930's but were reopened in the Second World Way and burned until 1955.

The remains of stone bins can be seen at the side of the kilns. From above the kiln pots can be discerned. There is a flight of steps running between the two kilns.

  A further pair of kilns is to be found a little to the south of those featured above. They are well hidden by vegetation and difficult to see. John van Laun suggests that, in 1862, these kilns supplied lime for building the nearby viaduct and tunnel of the Merthyr, Tredegar and Abergavenny Railway.

Clydach Limeworks Kiln 2

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