Lancashire Limekilns


Kiln at Mearley high up above the Ribble Valley and in the shadow of Pendle Hill


Limeburning in the Bowland District of Lancashire developed in the nineteenth century from the field kiln based industry supplying local farms. With the opening of the railway through Clitheroe the small kilns were soon closed down and replaced with banks of large kilns exporting most of their produce.

Today there is still a thriving cement industry based on the limestone of the area but the relics of the earlier period are still to be found, although the destruction of old kilns is steadily reducing what can be found.

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Beaver Scar kiln 1 Beaver Scar kiln 2
Beaver Scar kiln 3 Beaver Scar kiln 4
Beaver Scar kiln 5 Beaver Scar kiln 6
Bell Sykes Bellmanpark
Burnley Burnley 2
Caterall Chaigley
Cockshott Bridge Cow Ark
Downham Ellel Hall
Fooden Foulridge Wharf
Great Dunnow Greenalgh Castle
Higher Lickhurst Higher Underhand
Knot Hill Lees, Bowland Forest Low
Lower Laithe Mearley
Merrybent Hill Nateby
Salthill Scott Laithe
Skeleron Stack Hill Scar
Sugar Loaf Sykes
The Wood, Rimington Twiston Kiln 1
Twiston Kiln 2 Wallclough
Wanless Bridge, Colne Whitewell Kiln 1
Whitewell Kiln 2 Whittle-le-Woods

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