Location Bellmanpark - Clitheroe
County Lancashire
Grid Reference SD 75862 43423
Date of visit 19 April 2008 & 13 May 2015


Bellmanpark limeworks was an extensive operation with a tramroad bringing stone from a quarry some distance away. There are four large commercial kilns in a stone bank with railway tunnels through the structure to allow loading of wagons on two sides of each kiln. There is also evidence of electric lighting having been installed in the tunnels at one time.

I am grateful to Andrew Farrow for allowing use of his image and for drawing my attention to these kilns which are well hidden for such a large structure.


Extract from 1886 25" Ordnance Survey map showing the quarry, kilns and tramroad. Sadly the Bankfield works across the railway has been swept away by the subsequent cement works quarrying.
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