Poynton A Coalmining Village



   Foreword and acknowledgements.
1 Introduction, by W.H. Shercliff.
2 Poynton in the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries : the older occupations, by W.H. Shercliff. General description; the corn mills; forestry and timber; quarrying; early brickmaking; village craftsmen.
3 Textile work, by W.H. Shercliff. Handloom weavers, cotton; handloom weavers, silk; fustian cutters; textile factory workers; tailors; dressmakers and milliners; button mould turners; hatters.
4 Poynton Collieries: the early years, by D.A. Kitching. Introduction; the geological setting; general history of mining to 1831; 1832-57, development under the Vernons.
5 Poynton Collieries: progress and decline, by D.A. Kitching. 1857-90, years of change and progress; 1890-1935, the final years.
6 Technical developments and the main pits, by D.A. Kitching. Winding and pumping engines at the smaller pits; the Lord and Lady Pits, Anson Pit, Park Pits; methods of working.
7 Subsidiary industries managed by the colliery administration, by D.A. Kitching. Brickworks from 1845; gasworks and gas supply; water supply; electricity.
8 Road and canal transport and traffic: Pickfords, a local carrying firm, by W.H. Shercliff. Roads; canals; Pickfords and traffic through Poynton.
9 Poynton railways, by J.M. Ryan. The Poynton Collieries tramroad network; the development of the Poynton railway system; the London and North Western Railway, the Poynton connection; the Macclesfield, Bollington and Marple Railway, the Poynton connection; Poynton Collieries railway operations; Appendix 1, the Poynton Collieries railway locomotives; Appendix 2, wagons.
10 Economic aspects of the Collieries, by W.H. Shercliff. The Collieries workforce and administration; Towers Yard; wages; sales; prices; profits and distribution.
11 Cooperative and self help organisations, by W.H. Shercliff. Miners' unions; safety and the Accident Society; industrial housing, friendly societies, the Working Men's Club.
12 Social life and welfare of the community, by W.H. Shercliff. Home life, education in schools, evening classes and Sunday schools; Lady Bulkeley's Charity; the Almshouses; the Newsroom and Library; leisure and entertainment.

Appendix by W.H. Shercliff. Poynton Park; its Lords and their Mansions.

List of general sources and places to visit.


This text taken from: Poynton A Coalmining Village; social history, transport and industry 1700 - 1939, by W.H.Shercliff, D.A.Kitching and J.M.Ryan, published by W.H.Shercliff, 1983. ISBN 0 9508761 0 0

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Poynton Collieries: Introduction

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