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These pages provide only a small example. There are many more Scottish bricks to view on Mark Cranston's highly recommended Scottish Brick History website.

Letter A

A. R.

Photo by Martin Briscoe.  A product of Tannochside Brickworks, Uddingston, Lanarkshire, in operation from 1919 to 1939.

Peggy found this one on Gillies Hill, Cambusbarron near Stirling.

A. T. C.

Found in West Kilbride, Ayrshire by Martin Briscoe.  Made by Alexandra Transport Company, thanks to Eric Flack for the info.  Also refer to the entry for Hurll, Glasgow.


Found on a Renfrewshire seashore by Ian Sinclair.

Photo by Aaron Whalley.

Photo by Bill Duff.

D R Adam, Paisley

 Made at Inkerman Brickworks.  Photo and info by Scottish Brickmarks.

Adam, Rutherglen

Found by Martin Briscoe near the shore at HMS Quebec / Kilbride Camp, Inveraray ' now a caravan park.

Ord Adams

Ord Adams, Crossgates, Hill of Beath, Fife. Photo by Mark Cranston.

Adams (Robert)

Photo and research by Lairich Rig who thinks the full lettering is: Double Pressed Machine Bricks, Robert Adams, Paisley.  "The estates of Robert Adams, Brick Manufacturer, Love-street, Paisley, were sequestrated on the 11th day of December, 1865, by the Sheriff of Renfrewshire ..." ["London Gazette", Friday, December 15th, 1865 - see second column.

Afton - see Avonbridge

Agnew, Carluke

Part of the Summerlee collection, photo by Monkland Memories.

Photo by Bill Duff.


Airdrie Brickworks, Petersburn, 1938 - 1978.

Allan & Mann, Glasgow

Wedge shaped arch brick. Photo by Ian Suddaby.

Found by Philip Dikland during restoration of the Alliance Plantation house in Surinam, South America.


Found on the north shore of the Firth of Forth by Mark Cranston.

Photo by Frank Lawson.

Ancell McIntyre & Co, Auchinlee

Photographed in Edinburgh by Andrew Rush.


Found on the seashore in Ballantrae, Ayrshire by Christine.  Annandale Brickworks, Crosshouse.

Found near Springside, Kilmarnock by Bill Speirs


Made at the Annbank Brick Works, Ayrshire, open 1920 - 1947. Photo by David Kitching.


Appin Fire Clay Works, Townhill, Dunfermline, Fife. Found in Guardbridge, Fife.  Photo courtesy of Scottish Brickmarks. More information about the history of the business can be found here.

This paver was found near Nottingham by Mike Chapman.


Two very old bricks, 1857 and 1866, made in Arniston near Edinburgh.  Photos by Mark Cranston.

Photo by Frank Lawson.


Made in Armadale, West Lothian, read a history of the industry here

United Fireclay Products Ltd., Atlas Firebrick Works, Bathville, Armadale, West Lothian. It seems that the Atlas Firebrick works has passed through the hands of several owners including John Wood, Robertson Love & Co Ltd., United Collieries and from 1947, United Fireclay Products Ltd. Photo and info from Frank Lawson.

Photo by David Kitching.

Photos by Andrew Richards.

Photo by David David.


Brown Archibald, Auchenheath brick & tile works, Auchenheath,  Lanarkshire.  Photo and info by Mark Cranston.


Made by Auchinlea Quarries and Brickworks, Cleland, North Lanarkshire, found by Martin Briscoe in Fort William.

William Campbell writes: The company had two brickworks and a quarry in the village: (1) brickworks at the back of Cleland railway station (Windyedge) and (2) a quarry and brickworks on the A73 Carlisle Road, between Bellside in Cleland and Hareshaw village adjacent to the Old Winery buildings on the north east side.  For a time during the 1950's the company had the contract for supplying brick for the construction of all new F.W. Woolworth stores in Scotland.  Site (1) is now a transport depot and storage yard. Site (2) is currently being redeveloped by landfill and reclamation .

Photo by David Kitching.

Photo by Chris Tilney.

Photo by Chris Graham.


Auchlochan collieries at Coalburn were part of the Wm Dixon Ltd empire. It appears that the brickworks had either closed or been sold by 1947 as it was not passed to the NCB.  Photos and information by David Kitching.


Photos by David Kitching, site record for the works

Photo by Ian Suddaby.

Photo by Mark Cranston.

Letter B

A Bald, Alloa

Alexander Bald, Alloa Brick and Tile Works. Photo by Mark Cranston.

Photos by Ian Suddaby.

Photo by Bill Duff.


Thought to me made by James Dougall at his brickworks near Falkirk. Photo by Ian Suddaby.

Balgonie Colliery

The Balgonie Colliery Company operated the brickworks alongside the colliery in Thornton, Fife. It appears that the brickworks had either closed or been sold by 1947 as it was not passed to the NCB.  Photo and information by David Kitching.


Bank brickworks, New Cumnock, 1938 - 1960. Photo by David KItching.

Taken at a WWII radar station, called Hush-Hush in the area. It is near Portpatrick, South of Stranraer.  Photo and info by Martin Briscoe.


John Grieve, Bankpark Fireclay Works, Tranent, East Lothian. Photo by Mark Cranston.

Photo by Sharon Stevens.


Photo by Mark Cranston.

Bar Law

Barbauchlaw Brickworks, Armadale, West Lothian, operated from c1893 to 1971. Robert Muir and Company originally owned the Barbauchlaw fireclay works as part of their Barbauchlaw Colliery. It passed to the National Coal Board in 1947 but the colliery closed in 1952. In its last two years the works was owned by the Scottish Brick Corporation. Photo by Alan Fleming and info by David Kitching.


Made at Barony Colliery, South Ayrshire, photos by Frank Lawson.


Photographed at Summerlee Museum.


This one was found in a skip outside a house in the Grange district of Edinburgh.  Thanks to Joseph Hodgkiss for the contribution.

Made at Armadale, West Lothian and found at Haymarket, Edinburgh.  Photo and info by Scottish Brickmarks.

Robert Bell, Wishaw

Photo by Mark Cranston

Bell Hornsby & Co, Patent, Glasgow

The works operated from 1866 - 1911, Andrew Greg discovered it in an 1860's house in Strathbungo, Glasgow.


Thought to be a product of Millstone Grit And Fireclay Ltd, Herbertshire Works, Denny. Photo by Martyn Fretwell.


Binny Brickworks, Ecclesmachan, West Lothian. Photo by David Kitching.


Found by Martin Briscoe by an old concrete slipway and perhaps pier at the bottom of Loch Arkaig, probably left over from the Commando Training Centre in WWII.


Photographed at Summerlee Museum.


Found by Frank Lawson at one of the WW2 sites on Loch Ewe (It was a collection point for Russian convoys in WW2) - made at Blairadam Brickworks, Kelty, Fife.

Blantyre Ferme

The brick was made at Blantyreferme Brick Works, near Uddingston, open 1924 - 1947.  Thanks to Lairich Rig for the photo.

Photo by Robert Beresford.


The works was somewhere near the Monkland Canal in Springburn, Glasgow.  Photo and information by David Kitching.


Photo by Jason Sutcliffe.

Photo by Mark Cranston.  A product of the Stein brickworks, made between 1890 - 1900.


Boghead Brick & Fireclay works, Bathgate, West Lothian. This works operated from c1889 to 1930. Photo by David Kitching.


Bonnybridge Silica & Fireclay Works, 1874 - 1971.

This firebrick was found near Brymbo in North Wales.  It was presumably used in the nearby steelworks.

The first of three Scottish brick photos sent by Robert Runyard from CHILE.  The bricks were found in a now closed animal processing and freezer complex in Puerto Bories in Chilean Patagonia.   

Photo by Simon Patterson.

Found on a Renfrewshire seashore by Ian Sinclair.

This brick is a high density (H.D.) good strength, good load bearing fire brick which is used in high temperature applications.  It was found in an allotment garden near to the Steelite International pottery works in Middleport Stoke- on- Trent by Ken Perkins.   This factory was previously Dunn and Bennett & Co  (1875-1980s).  Ken thinks this brick came from one of the kilns that were either repaired or demolished when Steelite took over.

Found at the site of Niddrie Brickworks, Edinburgh by Ian Suddaby.

GR-Stein Refractories Ltd acquired the Bonnybridge Silica & Fireclay Co. Ltd in 1972 and produced bricks with this stamp. The Bonnybridghe works was closed in 1973 and the Chapelhall works in 198o. Info from Mark Cranston, photo by Steven Tait.


Made by Southhook Potteries at the Bonnyton Fireclay Works, Kilmarnock between the 1880s and 1963. Found in Galston.  Photo and info by Scottish Brickmarks.

Bothwell Park

Bothwell Park Quarries & Brick Works Limited (Jas.King, managing director ; John Mann jun. sec.) Fallside by Bothwell, Glasgow ; registered office, 137 West George Street, Glasgow; T A "Quarries Bothwell;" T N S Uddingston.   Slater's Scotland Trades Directory 1903.   Photo courtesy of Mark Cranston,

Bourtreehill, Kilmarnock

Found on the seashore in Ballantrae, Ayrshire by Christine.  David Kitching adds:  The Bourtreehill Coal Co. Ltd, Dreghorn once operated a mine and brickworks just to the north of Dreghorn village. The brickworks appears to have started c1875 and ran until 1969.

Bourtreehill, Irvine

Donna found this one near Irvine, Ayrshire.  It is a very heavy one.

Photo by David Kitching.


Made in East Wemyss, Fife.  found by Paul Shave in Toryburn, Fife.

Bowman & Co

Bowman & Co ran Muiredge Colliery, Buckhaven, Fife c.1860 to c.1914. Info by Mark Cranston, photo by Alan Fleming.


Found on the north shore of the Firth of Forth by Mark Cranston.


Found by Martin Briscoe in Gourock.  The history of this Ayrshire works can be viewed here.

Broadlie Brick Co., Dalry, Ayrshire. The Broadlie works at Dairy, Ayrshire was built 1937-8, producing common bricks. It was taken over by the Scottish Brick Company in 1978 as Works No. 20. Photos by Frank Lawson.

J. Brodie, Sanquhar

Sanquhar is 26 miles north west of Dumfries in southern Scotland and was once an important coal mining town. In 1852 by Mr Geo. Cleunel opened a brick and tile work in Sanquhar, soon building a large and prosperous trade in drainage tiles but by the 1880s was suffering from a lack of capital and modernisation. In 1889 by another tenant, Mr James Brodie, took over and soon improved and extended the works, which by 1891 comprised five Newcastle Kilns and a Staffordshire Oven. The improved plant included a machine for the production of pressed bricks for outside building. Messrs Isherwood Brothers ran the works at a later stage, and then a Mr Scott.  Eventually they were taken over by the Sanquhar and Kirkconnel Collieries Company.  Photos and info by David Kitching.

Photo by Frank Lawson.


The Broomhill Firebrick Co was located at High Bonnybridge, Stirlingshire and operated from 1915 - 1980.  Photo by Chris Tilney, information by David Kitching.


Martin Briscoe found this one in Inverlochy, a "village" of Fort William built for workers at the aluminium smelter.  Broomhouse Brickworks, 1921 - 1940.

Spotted on a demolition site in Fort William by Martin Briscoe.


Brora in Sutherland was quite a busy industrial area years ago.  Apart from the brickworks there was also a colliery, the furthest north in Britain.  The brickworks closed in the 1970's, further details here.  Photo by Derek Gill. Pete Higgins adds: The brickyard at Brora started in 1814, closed in 1826, re-opened in 1873, and was taken over by the tweed firm, Hunters, in 1914. They ceased operations in 1949, but the brickyard did not close until the 1970s. I think the example on your website is from 1949 to the 1970s.

Photo by Martin Briscoe


Made in Wishaw, Lanarkshire and found in a probable WWII gun position in Fort William, photo by Martin Briscoe.

Brown & son, Paisley (Robert Brown)

Robert Brown & Son, Ferguslie Fireclay Works and Caledonian Brick and Tile Works, Paisley. Found on a Renfrewshire seashore by Ian Sinclair.  Pete Higgins writes: some of these bricks have turned up on the Chilcoot trail in the Yukon and in California.

Found by Lairich Rig just north of Dumbarton Golf Course.

Found near Broadstone House, Port Glasgow by Lee Robinson.

Photo by Jason Sutcliffe.

Photo by Robert Reynolds.

Brown & McMillan, Motherwell

Found in Moffat, Dumfrieshire by Peter Robinson.


David Brownlee, Rochsolloch Brickworks, Coatbridge. Photo by Ian Suddaby.

Photo by Mark Cranston.


Brucefield Brickworks, Kennet,Clackmannanshire.  Associated with Brucefield Colliery. Photos by Andrew Wood.


Spotted by Dave Orr in Glamis.  Buccleuch Terra Cotta works, Sanquhar, 1889 - 1950s.

Spotted in Dumfries by Edward Adams.

Buick & Sons, Alloa

Photo by Mark Cranston.


Photo by Gary Buckham, works info not known.

Letter C


Thanks to Lairich Rig for the contribution.  Eric Flack writes: The CADDER works was at the Balmuilday Road near Bishopbriggs, 1938 - 1969.

Found at a torpedo testing site in Arrochar at Loch Long by Ian Sinclair.

The brickworks on Balmuildy road was reputed to be on the site of the former Cadder No.15 PIT (where 22 men died in a fire in 1913) Initially with 3 Dutch design 'Vlammoven' chamber kilns, each with 28 chambers the central kiln quickly being demolished in the late 1970's and replaced by a dryer as the in-kiln drying (Watersmoking) being unsuccessful. It was purchased from LAW Mining as a 'mothballed' site in around 1996, [along with the operating Tannochside and West Lothian sites], recommissioned as Ibstock Scottish Brick Bishopbriggs, and finally closed in late 1999 with the equipment being removed.

The making equipment was by Craven Fawcett from Wakefield, being Incla Mk.3 dry pans and two Centex 430 extruders, installed in 1974/5 by the SBC [Scottish Brick Co Ltd] former NCB works.

Info and photo by Chris Deacon.


  Found on the foreshore at Bo'ness, West Lothian by Paul Shave.

Made at Banton Brickworks, Kilsyth. Photo and info by Scottish Brickmarks.


Calder Fireclay Co, Calder Brickworks, Coatbridge, North Lanarkshire. Photo and information by David Kitching.

Photo by John-Paul Worthington.

Photo by Ian Suddaby.  Found on the site of Niddrie brickworks near Edinburgh.

Photo by Edward McArdle.


Submitted by Maggie Warner and found in her garden in Bowhill near Selkirk.  This was probably from the Caledonia Fireclay works which was situated in Paisley, Renfrewshire and was in operation from 1915 to 1976


The Caledonian brickworks was situated in Larkhall, South Lanarkshire and was in operation from about 1867 to 1907; further information can be found here. Found in the Redhall district of Edinburgh, photo and info by Joseph Hodgkiss.


Photo by Phil Burgoyne. The works was near Falkirk and a history may be read here


Found by John Sutherland on a beach near Edinburgh.  This one is only about a third of the size of a normal brick and is probably a salesman's sample.

Campbell, Falkirk

Campbell & Co,  Roughcastle Fireclay Works, Bonnybridge, Stirlingshire. Info by Mark Cranston, photo by Jason Stott.


The full lettering reads: Patent, Wm. Wilson, Campbellfield, Glasgow.  The history of the Campbellfield pottery works can be read here. The original address of the Campbellfield Pottery was 706 Gallowgate.  About 1889, it moved to Flemington Street in Springburn.  Thanks to Lairich Rig for the photo and info.


Photo by Mark Cranston


Martin Briscoe photographed this one in Corpach.  Made in Denny near Falkirk.

Found in Torwood near Falkirk by Peggy Edwards.

Found on the foreshore at Bo'ness, West Lothian by Paul Shave.


Made in Carluke, Lanarkshire by Caradale Brick Ltd.


Cardowan Works, Garnkirk, 1861 - 1911.


This is a product of the one operated by Andrew Jeffrey's Carfin Coal Co, Carfin, Motherwell, Lanarkshire, between c1859 and c1939. Photo and information by David Kitching.

Part of the Summerlee collection, photos by Monkland Memories.

Johanna Maria Lind (October 6, 1820 ' November 2, 1887), better known as Jenny Lind, was a Swedish opera singer, often known as the "Swedish Nightingale".  Photo and info by Alan Davies.

Carmichael, Alloa

This brick was produced by W. R. & J Carmichael. Brick & Tile works of Alloa. The brick is also stamped on the other side, the word 'PATENT' appearing twice.  The Company supplied some of the elaborate polychrome brickwork for Templeton's Carpet Factory in Glasgow built in 1889; and modelled on the Doge's Palace, Venice - now the Templeton Business Centre .  The brickworks operated from 1867 to 1915.  Photo and information by Fiona Munro.

Photo by Frank Lawson.


Castlecary Fire Bricks were made by Joseph McLauchlan Ltd at Castlecary, Cumbernauld, Dunbartonshire. Photo and information by David Kitching.

Photos by Phil Burgoyne.

Photos by Ian Suddaby.

Photo by Alwyn Sparrow.

Photos by Steven Tait.


Photo by Alan Fleming.

Photo by Catrin Hughes.

Photo by Frank Lawson.

Cherryton Brick Co Ltd., Cherryton Brickworks, Tulligarth, Clackmannanshire. Photo by Peggy Edwards.

Christie & Son, Stirling

Found by Roddy Binnie in Burrelton, Perthshire.

Cityside, Glasgow

Photo by Mark Cranston


The Clackmannan Brick And Tile Works was located north of the railway, just to the west of Clackmannan (Road) Station. It was clearly associated with the local collieries, to which it was connected by a tramway. Already well
established by 1865 it had closed before 1900. - Image courtesy of Alan Fleming, information by David Kitching.


Cleghorn Brickworks, Glasgow, 1897 - 1930s

Found by Fiona Munro in Galashiels.


Found in Locher Burn, Kilbarchan by Bill Speirs


Clyde Ironworks and Fire Brick Works, Tollcross, Glasgow.

1890 - 1891 James Dunlop & Co, Fire brick manufacturers, fire bricks, facing bricks, covers, ground fire clay. Works - Clyde Ironworks by Tollcross. Office - 175 West George Street. 1912 - 1913 - James Dunlop & Co Ltd.

Info by Mark Cranston and photo by Guy Morgan.


Cobbinshaw Oil and Brick Works, West Calder, West Lothian. Photo by Terry Whitaker.

Found by William McKelvie in Cobbinshaw, West Lothian.

Coltness - also see Stepends

Made by the Coltness Iron Company in Cleland, North Lanarkshire

Martin Briscoe found this one on the foreshore at Fort William, the spelling leaves something to be desired!

Photo by Chris Tilney.

Photo by Terry Whitaker.

Coltness Stepends, photographed at Summerlee Museum.

Photos by Robert Beresford.

Photo by Chris Tilney.

Found near Wolsingham. Photo by Marshall Rippon.


Photo by Molly Buckley who found it in a dump in Broxburn, West Lothian.

Corbet Glasgow

Patent, Robert Corbet, Newlands, Glasgow.  Photo by Mark Cranston.

Cowie Bros. & Co.

Origin not certain but probably Scottish - see:-
NB - thumbmark in brick.Photo by courtesy of the Frank Lawson collection.

Photo by Chris Tilney.

Craig, Kilmarnock

J & M Craig was formed by two brothers, James and Matthew, in 1847, with fireclay and brick works at Dean and also at Hillhead in Kilmarnock and at Perceton, near Irvine. They also made high class sanitaryware. The company
was incorporated as J.& M. Craig Ltd in 1896 but went into liquidation in 1923. At both sites the company worked coal and fireclay mines. Photo and information by David Kitching.

Photo by Frank Lawson.

Photo by Bill Duff.


Made at Craigend Brickworks, Blackbraes, Falkirk.  Photos by Martin Briscoe.

Photo by Phil Burgoyne.

Photos by Chris Tilney.

Two products from Craigend Brickworks at Muiravonside near Falkirk. Made between 1938 and 1983.  Photo and info by Scottish Brickmarks.

Photo by Martyn Fretwell courtesy of the Bill Richardson Collection at Southwick Hall.


Craigrigg brickworks was located in Westfield, Armadale, West Lothian and was in production from the late 1930's to the 1950's.  The West Lothian Archaeology Group have a very interesting illustrated feature on brickmaking in Armadale.  Thanks to Joseph Hodgkiss for the photo and information.


Photographed in Crail, Fife museum by Dave Orr. The brickworks were by the harbour at Crail. 

Cruden Bay

This works near Aberdeen operated from 1902 to 1990. Photo and info by Scottish Brickmarks.


Part of the Summerlee collection, photo by Monkland Memories.

Photo by Phil Jenkins.

Photo by Ian Suddaby.

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