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Scotland page B: letters H to M

Letter H


The Hailes brickworks was set up in 1902, in association with Hailes quarry, in the Longstone district of Edinburgh, but the brick was reputedly of poor quality and production died away in the 1930s.The quarry was used for landfill and is now a city park.  Thanks to Joseph Hodgkiss for the photos and information.


Photo by Frank Lawson.

Photo by Alan Davies.

Photo by Martin Briscoe.


Found on a Renfrewshire seashore by Ian Sinclair.  Heathfield Fireclay Works, Lanarkshire, ca 1850 - 1960s.

Herbertshire, Denny

Photo by Alan Fleming.

Hill of Beath

Photo by Brian Whyte.

Photos by Frank Lawson.

Hilton Works, Alloa

Photo by Mark Cranston.


Photo by John Sutherland.

Hodge, McDonald & Corbet, Glasgow

Found in an 1860's Glasgow house by Andrew Greg.


Found in a WWII Decoy Control bunker near Fort William by Martin Briscoe.  Made near Motherwell.


Found at an Edinburgh recycling centre by Joseph Hodgkiss.  Joseph writes: This brick is almost certainly a product of one of Archibald Hood's brickworks. Scotsman Archibald Hood, was considered a very enlightened, paternalistic employer, and in addition to his many coal mining enterprises also owned a brickworks (see Whitehill) in Rosewell, Midlothian. The brickworks made use of fireclay from the associated coal mines.

R & W Horn

Found on the banks of Loch Lomond in Scotland by Mr. Jim Haworth of Burnley.  Eric Flack writes: R & W Horn ran a brickworks just south of Lock 35 at Drumchapel on the Forth and Clyde canal.  The works were taken over by Stevensons and I have Stevenson Drumchapel Glasgow bricks in my possession.  The works closed in 1916.  They used "red" clay from an open clay pit.  R & W Horn also had a small brick making kiln where the Elderslie dock is - part of the BAE systems yard now.  Formerly Yarrows of Scotston.  It also used "red" clay.

J & R Howie, Kilmarnock see Hurlford

Hudspith, Wishaw

Part of the Summerlee collection, photo by Monkland Memories.

Photo by Robert Beresford.

Hunter, Brora - see Brora

Hunter, Portobello

Thanks to Lee Kindness for the photo, taken near the site of the old Joppa salt pans.

Hurlford Fireclay

Hurlford Fireclay works, Kilmarnock, 1860s - 1970s. Found on a Renfrewshire seashore by Ian Sinclair.

Found on the seashore in Ballantrae, Ayrshire by Christine.

Photo by Anthony E Gray.

J&R Howie Ltd., Hurlford Fireclay Works, Kilmarnock. The works was just to the east of Kilmarnock and supplied by a number of mines in the area. It operated from 1858 until 1971 producing pottery, bricks, chimneys, garden ornaments and enamelled sanitary ware. The buildings were demolished by 1979.  Info by David Kitching.

P & M Hurll, Glasgow

Hurll made common bricks at Garscadden Works, Drumchapel, Glasgow and Knightswood Brickworks, Glasgow. Photo by Martin Briscoe. Found in Fort William.

P & M Hurll Ltd, Garscadden Works, Drumchapel, Glasgow. Photo by Mark Cranston.

Photographed at Summerlee Museum.

Martin Briscoe found this one in Kinlochleven at the back of the old Post Office.

Photo by David Kitching.

Photo by Richard Symonds.

Eric Flack writes:  The Drumchapel works of P & M Hurll operated from about 1903 to November 1941.  It reopened in 1950 under the management of Alexandra Transport Company and the bricks were marked ATC.  Alexandra Transport Co was part of the Tilcon group.  All these bricks used shale from colliery waste bings in the Drumchapel area.  Latterly Alexandra Transport used lorries to bring clay from the Cadder area.  The works closed in 1958 and is now occupied by Edrington Holdings who bottle Grouse whisky on the site.

Photo by Mark Annand, seen at Eilean Glas lighthouse.

Photo by Ian Sinclair.


Firebricks were manufactured by P & M Hurll at Garnqueen Fireclay Works, Glenboig, Lanarkshire and Gartliston Fireclay Works, Glenboig, Lanarkshire. Found on a Renfrewshire seashore by Ian Sinclair.

Found at the ruins of the old American-owned "Swift Beef Company" plant in Puerto San Jul'an in southern Argentine Patagonia by Robert Runyard.

Photos by Frank Lawson.

Photo by Phil Burgoyne.

Photo by David Kitching.

Photo by Edward McArdle.


Photographed at Summerlee Museum. Made between 1889 and 1915.

Letter I


A firebrick found at Cruden Bay near Aberdeen. Photo and info by Scottish Brickmarks.

George Ingram & Co

George Ingram & Co, Westbank Brick and Tile Works, Portobello, Edinburgh. Photo by Chris Tilney.

Inverkeithing Fireclay and Brick Co

The most likely maker is the Inverkeithing works as a number of examples have been found around the former site of the brickworks. Found by Edward McArdle just along the coast at Burntisland beach.

Letter J

Jenny Lind see Carfin Colliery

Letter K.


Found near Fort William by Martin Briscoe.

This one found near Largs by Martin Briscoe

Keir & Cawder

Keir & Cawder Ltd, Cadder Brickworks, Bishopbriggs, Glasgow. Found in Dumbarton by Lairich Rigg.

Keir & Cawder Ltd. were Brickmakers, Quarry Owners & Builders Merchants and operated in the Glasgow area from around 1930 until the 1960s. Info by Frank Lawson, photo by David Kitching.


Found on a Renfrewshire seashore by Ian Sinclair.


Photo by Don Boldison.

Photo by Frank Lawson.

Kelvinside brickworks was situated in the Maryhill district of Glasgow and operated from about 1873 to 1930. The brick was found in the Redhall district of Edinburgh by Joseph Hodgkiss


Found on the seashore at Bo'ness, West Lothian by Paul Shave.

A brickworks operated into the 1960s on the site of the Brucefield Colliery at Kennet in Clackmannanshire. Info by Richard Paterson, photo by Frank Lawson.


Found by Martin Briscoe in Largs, Ayrshire.  The Kersland brick works was in Dalry.

King, Bellside

Made in Motherwell. Photo by Mark Cranston.

Photo by Bill Duff.

Photo by Robert Beresford.


Photo by Mark Cranston.

Kirkconnel see N C B Fauldhead


Photo by Ian Suddaby.


Garnqueen Fireclay Works, Glenboig, Lanarkshire Alternative brickworks include: Gartliston Fireclay Works, Glenboig, Lanarkshire. Klinit is a trade name for P & M Hurll. Info by Mark Cranston, photo by James Alexander Bell.


Photo by Stephen Davey.

Letter L.


The Lanemark Coal Company opened its brickworks in the early 1890s adjacent to its Boigside No.2 Pit just north-west of New Cumnock in Ayrshire. The company collapsed in1908 and the works was closed although  the collieries were taken over by New Cumnock Collieries Ltd in 1909. Photo and information by David Kitching.

Photo by Nigel Megson.


Part of the Summerlee collection, photo by Monkland Memories.


This one was made at the Garrabost works near Stornoway on the Isle of Lewis.  It is believed to have been named after Lews Castle.  The works opened before 1851 during the time of Sir James Matheson. The castle and brickworks were both owned by Lord Leverhulme during the 1920's.  Thanks to Peter Kerr for the info.

Photo by Iain Mackenzie.


Found by Peggy Edwards at the site of Murrayshall Limeworks, Stirlingshire. 



Robert Lindsay & Company, Lilliehill, Dunfermline. Photo by Ian Suddaby.


Photographed at Summerlee Museum. Linwood Brickworks, Paisley, 1904 - ca 1915.


Found on the seashore in Ballantrae, Ayrshire by Christine.

Littlemill (Knockshinnock) Colliery and Brickworks at Rankinston, Ayrshire. Photo and info by David Kitching.

UTTLEMILL photographed at Dalmellington by Miroslaw Merta.

Photo by Frank Lawson.

Livingston & Son, Patent, Portobello

Photo by Mark Cranston.


David and William Lockerbie, brick builders and makers, Drumoyne, Govan, Glasgow also known as David Lockerbie & Sons. The partnership was dissolved in 1867. Info from Mark Cranston, photo by Hugh Gregory.


Lochgelly Works, Lochgelly, Fife.

Lochhead: see Alexander Wilson & Son


Made by Lochside Coal and Fireclay Company, Townhill, Dunfermline. Opened 1902, closed 1974. Photo by David KItching.

Logan, Dalry

Another found by Martin Briscoe on the beach at Portencross, Ayrshire.  Kersland Brickworks, Dalry, ca 1910 - 1939.


Photo by Robert Beresford.

G S Loudon, West Calder

G S Loudon, Hermand Brickworks, West Calder, Midlothian.  Photos by Frank Lawson.

Loudon & Miller, Carluke

Loudon & Miller, Carluke, Coalmasters and Brickmakers, East Law Colliery and Mauldslie Fire Clay Works, Carluke.

Loudon & Russell

Loudon Russell Pipe Works, Newmains, 1973 - 1970s. Photo by Frank Lawson.

Photo by Steve Biddulph.

Luke & Co

Believed to be F R & C H Luke & Co, Slate Quarry owners & general factors for building materials, Head Office – 122 George Street, Edinburgh. It is unlikely that the Luke business actually manufactured bricks and more likely that they purchased them from a works that stamped their name in the frog under contract. Info by Mark Cranston. Brick found by Aidan McArdle, photo by Edward McArdle.

Letter M.

Mac Brand

Found at the site of Niddrie brickworks by Ian Suddaby.

MacDonald, Glasgow

This could be A & J Macdonald, Patent, Glasgow.  Found in a garden in Fairlie, Ayrshire by Lee Robinson

McDonald Braidwood

Spotted in Moffat by Peter Robinson.  Meadow Brickworks, Carluke, South Lanarkshire, 1889 - 1920. The business
of John McDonald, Son, & Company, Composition Brick and Fire Clay Manufacturers, Meadow Brick Works, Braidwood, Carluke. Partners Charles McDonald and William Barr dissolved partnership 30th April 1910. It
was also known as the Nellfield Brick & Tile Works.  Info by David Kitching.

A McIntyre & Son, Glasgow

Photo by David Patrick, probably made about 1880.

McIver, Sanquhar

M McIver, Buccleuch Terra Cotta Works, Sanquhar, Dumfriesshire. Photo by Jason Sutcliffe.

John McKnight, Kilmarnock

In 1873 John McKnight owned Kilmarnock Colliery, to the south of Kilmarnock, Ayrshire. This was already an old colliery at that time and had gone by 1896. Photo and information by David Kitching.

J Mc N. S & Co. Glasgow

Found by the Firth of Forth at Inverkeithing by Mark Cranston.  James McNaughton, Son & Co., Heatheryknowe, Glasgow.   Heathery Knowe Coal Company (ca 1862-1867).  Heathery Knowe Colliery & Fire Clay Works (ca 1867-1889).   Offices: Baillieston and Glasgow, Scotland.   Works: Baillieston, Bargeddie, Lanarkshire, Scotland.  
Dates: 1862 - 1889.

Coal mines opened in the Baillieston area as early as 1832. The Heathery Knowe Coal Company started in the coal business in 1861/2. Between 1867 and 1882 it was owned by James McNaughton Son & Co. Started making hand-pressed firebrick in the mid to late 1860s. Company may have continued under the management of Ferrier and Strain of Bargeddie in 1896. The Heathery Knowe coal mine was still in existence in 1896 but had been abandoned by 1908. Noted as being manufacturers of firebricks, sewage pipes, facing bricks, yellow and glazed sinks, and every description of fire clay goods.  Info by Frank Lawson and Mark Cranston.


Photo by Mark Cranston.


Origin not known but probably a Scottish firebrick,   Photo courtesy of Mark Cranston.

Maxwood Galston

Galston is a town in East Ayrshire, photo by Ian Suddaby.

Mason & Brownlee, Rochsolloch

Part of the Summerlee collection, photo by Monkland Memories.


Assumed to be from the Meta Brickworks, Fishcross, Alloa, Clackmannanshire.  (1 1/2m. N.E. of Alloa).  Found on the seashore at Bo'ness, West Lothian by Paul Shave

Meteor: see Hurlford


Photo by David Kitching.

Found at Lochailort, near Mallaig by Martin Briscoe, made in Fife.  The Methil works was open from 1908 - 1952.

Miller, Glenvault

R Miller, Glenvault, Cumbernauld, Dunbartonshire. Photo by Ian Suddaby.


Found on the foreshore at Boness, West Lothian by Paul Shave.  Millstone Grit and Fireclay Ltd, Wester Jawcraig, Falkirk, info by Mark Cranston.

Milton, Carluke

Found by Martin Briscoe near the shore at HMS Quebec / Kilbride Camp, Inveraray ' now a caravan park.

Milton Brick & Tile Works, 1897 - 1940s.

Photo by Alan Murray Rust

Milton Brick & Tile Works, Carluke, Lanarkshire, operated from c1897 to 1978. Scottish Clay Hollow-Ware Limited were incorporated on 15th July 1937 with registered office at the works. Final closure came with the voluntary liquidation of T B Gibson & Co Ltd t/a Milton Tile Works, Carluke on 14th August 1978.  Info by David Kitching.

Mitchell, West Bank, Portobello

Peter Mitchell, West Bank Brick & Tile Works, Portobello, Edinburgh.  Photo courtesy of Mark Cranston.


Made in Uddingston, Lanarkshire and found at Wick Harbour.  Photo and info by Scottish Brickmarks.


Morningside Fireclay Works, Wishaw, Lanarkshire.


Motherwell Brick Co. Works, Motherwell, Lanarkshire.  Photo by Mark Cranston.

Mount Vernon

Photo by Mark Cranston.

Photo by Nigel Megson in Crianlarich.

Muir, Armadale

Made at Barbauchlaw Brickworks, 1897 - 1947. Photo by Simon Patterson.

Found by Martin Briscoe near some old military buildings at Kyleakin, near the Skye Bridge.


Photo by Mark Cranston.


Photo by Mark Cranston.

SD = Super Dense. Photo by Phil Burgoyne.

Made by Stein at the Manuel brickworks. Myrtle bricks blended low alumina sand with crushed quartzite and were intended for steel works, probably the linings of the furnace. Photo and info by Ian Suddaby.

Photo by Bill Duff.

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