Cheshire Limekilns

Astbury Limeworks, Cheshire. The kilns of the Astbury Hydraulic Lime Company


Whilst not a County known for its lime industry there are still a small number of features to be found by those with a keen eye and an inquisitive nature.

There is only one outcrop of limestone in the County, at Newbold Astbury to the south of Congleton. This has been exploited for several hundred years and has resulted in the best remaining structures in Cheshire. Limestone was also imported, mainly by canal from Derbyshire, and burned in small canalside kilns of which only one now survives. It is likely that stone was imported across the Dee from North Wales for the kilns on the Wirral peninsular.

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Astbury Red Bull
High Lane Knowle Farm
Little Neston Marple

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