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Dagger Hey to Davison

Dagger Hey Brick Co. Crompton

Photo by courtesy of the Frank Lawson collection.

The Dagger Hey brickworks was established at Crompton Fold, north of Oldham some time after 1895 and is shown on OS maps of 1909 with a large Hoffman type kiln and a shale quarry. The works was closed and the site closed by 1930. Photos by David Kitching.

Photo by Jason Stott.

Photo by Phil Burgoyne.

Dean & Smith, Brynn

A brick from Bryn (spelt Brynn in the 19th century) near Ashton in Makerfield. Dean & Smith, Park Lane, Bryn, Wigan. Park Llane the street is now known as Wigan Rd (A49). The site is now Edmund Collins Park (known locally as Rose Hill Park). The works first appears on the 1892 OS map and disappears by 1926 OS map. Information by David Pasquill, photo by David Kitching.

Daggons Road Brickworks

The 1900 OS map shows the Daggons Road pottery & brickworks behind the railway station in Alderholt, Dorset. On the web there is a Kellys 1915 listing of Alderholt’s residents & businesses & the Daggons Road Brickworks Ltd. is recorded. FWP was Francis William Padgett and he is in the Dorset Kellys for 1875 as a Brick Manufacturer and Potter of Wyke Regis Dorset. In 1881 he was listed as a master potter and brick (manufacturer) at Alderholt. From 1881 to 1885 he was advertising at Weymouth Pottery and Brick Works and also at Daggons Road Station which was described as a branch business. In April 1885 the business was in receivership and 1891 he was running a brickyard at Wyke Regis, the Daggons Road works having been passed to Aaron Read by 1886. Info by Richard Newman and Martyn Fretwell, photo by Martyn Fretwell.


Found at Vernon Road, Nottingham. Photo by Lorna Ellans.


Situated in Ellgreave Street, Dalehall, Burslem, Staffordshire around 1850 this yard made bricks of a good quality Staffordshire red & blue.  The brick here was recovered from the Slater Street area of Middle Port during demolition in 2008.  Photo and description by Ken Perkins.

Dalton, Lathom : See Lathom

J Dalton

Found on Crosby beach , photo by David Kitching.

George Grubb Dalton, Linthorpe, Middlesbrough

George Grubb Dalton, Brick Manufacturer, Builder & Contractor, Linthorpe, Middlesbrough is recorded in the London Gazette as giving Notice of Intended Dividends on the 13th November 1888. Residence Cambridge Road, Linthorpe & trading in Linthorpe, Middlesbrough & all of Yorkshire. Info by Martyn Fretwell, photos by Frank Lawson.

Dalton Main Collieries Ltd

Dalton Main Collieries Ltd., Silverwood Colliery Brickworks, Thrybergh, Rotherham. Photo by Frank Lawson.

Darcy Lever, Bolton

Darcy Lever is a township to the north of Bolton. Photos by Frank Lawson.

Darby Brick & Tile Works

DBC = Darby Brick Co. Samuel Darby is listed at the Victoria Brickworks, Beccles, Suffolk in Kellys 1865 to 1896 editions producing bricks, tiles& sanitary pipes. The listing in Kellys 1900 to 1916 editions is Darby Brothers Ltd. Victoria Brickworks, Beccles. Samuel Darby also retailed coal & slate, supplied english & foreign timber from his Waveney Sawmill at Gillingham, Suffolk, a barge owner, a wharfinger & water carrier. Info & Photographed at the Museum of East Anglian Life by Martyn Fretwell.

Darfield Clay Works

Darfield is near Barnsley.  The site was operated as Darfield Clay Works cl865 - cl880. Following on was owned by James Gooddy with bricks marked J GOODDY / DARFIELD / CLAY WORKS. Source: The Maurice Dobson Museum, Darfield, South Yorkshire. Images by Frank Lawson.

Darlaston Brick Co

Darlaston Brick Co, brickworks was situated to the north-west of Darlaston & James Bridge Station shortly after 1900. There were six rectangular kilns shown on the 1917 OS map. By 1924 it had become the Darlaston Brick Co.
Ltd, but by 1938 the site had been cleared and other industry developed. Photo and information by David Kitching.

Photos by Ray Martin.

Photo by Duncan Russell.

Darlow Bros

Darlow Brothers, Old Hall Road, Attercliffe, Sheffield. White's Sheffield & Rotherham Directory 1879.  Pinfold Lane, Attercliffe, Sheffield. White's Sheffield & Rotherham Directory 1893.  Meadow Head Brickworks, Chesterfield Road, Sheffield. White's Sheffield & Rotherham Directory 1901.  Photo and info by courtesy of the Frank Lawson collection.

Daubhill see Higson


The Davenport Terra Cotta, Brick & Tile Co, was on Garners Lane, Davenport, Stockport. It appears in the 1902 and 1906 trade directories, but not 1896 or 1914 and was owned by William & Thomas Meadows who were builders and contractors. Photo and info by David Kitching.

See also William and Thomas Meadows.

John Davenport, Marton

John Davenport was running a brickyard at Marton, between Congleton and Macclesfield, Cheshire, before 1871. In 1881 he was employing 4 men and 4 boys. By 1891 his widow Betty was running the business which seems to have ceased trading before 1900. Photographed at Macclesfield Reclamation Yard by Martyn Fretwell.


Found in Tweedmouth.   The Davidson Glass Company was founded at Teams, Gateshead in 1867 and they built a factory adjacent to several brickworks. It's probable they either owned one of these, or had their own branded bricks made there.  Info courtesy of Scottish Brickmarks, photo by Chris Tilney.

Photos by Steven Tait.

Photo by Chris Graham.

John Davidson

Thought to be John Davidson, Ouseburn Fire Brick Works, Newcastle Upon Tyne, c1850. Photo by Kirsten Ellis.

T Davies, Billingsley

The 1892 & 1900 OS maps show this brickworks just south of Billingsley, Shropshire & Thomas Davies is listed at the works in Kelly's 1870 edition. The 1891 edition reads Thomas Edwin Davies & the next two entries in 1895 & 1909 reads Mrs. Elizabeth Davies, Billingsley. The 1913 edition now lists the Billingsley Colliery Co. as owners of this works. Shropshire History website states that the works had closed by 1914. Info & Photo courtesy of the John Baylis Collection by Martyn Fretwell.

Davies, Hereford

Probably the predecessor of Ralph, Preece, Davies at the Victoria Brick & Tile Works in Hereford. Photo by Richard Paterson.

J C Davies, Ledbury

The works of J C Davies occupied what was previously the site of Ballard's Ledbury works (see other entry) and later the jam factory of Ledbury Preserves.  Photographed at Butcher Row House Museum in Ledbury by Richard Paterson.

Davies & Shaw

Davies & Shaw had two works that are listed in trade directories between 1889 and 1892. One was the Brick & Marl Works, Hamil Road, Burslem and the other at Brownhills, Tunstall. Photographed at Apedale Heritage Centre by Ken Perkins.

Davis & Co, Essington

W. Davis is listed in Kellys 1860 edition at Essington, Wolverhampton. Then the entry is Davis & Co. Essington, Wolverhampton in Kellys 1868 to 1896 editions. Info & Photo by Martyn Fretwell.

Davis, Ickham

Davis owned a small brick field at Ickham (actually the brick field is at Cherville Lane Canterbury District just north off the A257 Canterbury-Sandwich road west of Wingham) Looks to have been active circa  1871-1900 but gone before 1920. Postcode CT3 1L2 lat 51.2696 long 1.18435.  Photo and info by Chris Blair-Myers.

J Davis, Madeley

In 1851 John Davis is noted as a brick and tile manufacturer at Hailes Field, Madeley, Shropshire. Slater's 1859 Directory lists Davis Jno. Brick & Tile maker Tweedale & Madeley Wood. This paver was photographed in Bridgnorth by Mike Shaw.

J & T Davis, West Bromwich

The works was in business by 1866. Kelly's Staffordshire Directory 1868 & 1872; John & Thomas Davis, Parkfield Brick Works, Greet's Green Road, West Bromwich. In the 1876 directory the listing was just "J. Davis, Greet's Green, West Bromwich". The business was in bankruptcy in 1886. Photo by Frank Lawson,

W Davison, Egton, York

Handmade on the North Yorkshire Moors near Grosmont. G W Davison was a local farmer and apparently there is a small pond near the farm lined with them. Photo and information by Sarah Chattenton.
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