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J C S & Co.

Photo by David Kitching, part of the collection at Wheal Martyn China Clay Museum

J D & Co

The J has been impressed upside down on this one


James Thomas, Gerrans - Methers Collyn SW874367. Photo by David Kitching, part of the collection at Wheal Martyn China Clay Museum.

J & A Jackson

J & A Jackson Ltd was formed through the amalgamation of the businesses of two established brickmaking familes in the Manchester area. The Harrisons had four works around Stockport, whilst the Jacksons operated from three works in Chorlton, Longsight, and Levenshulme. Over the next fifty years the company expanded with the acquisition of works across the north-west and into the west midlands. In 1973 Christian Salvesen acquired the business and in 1995 a management buyout of the brick side of the business saw the formation of Chelwood Brick. Photo and information by David Kitching.  Links to history:  http://manchesterhistory.net/LONGSIGHT/INDUSTRY/Jacksons.html and http://www.pittdixon.go-plus.net/jacksons-brickworks/jacksons-brickworks.htm

Jackson, Leicester

Photographed at Cadeby Reclamation yard. Jackson & Co. Ashby Road, Hinckley are listed in Kelly's 1899 & 1900 editions. Photo & Info by Martyn Fretwell. 

Jacob Reynolds, St. Albans

Made by Jacob Reynolds on Bernards Heath.  Thanks to Chris Reynolds for the photo and info.

J James, B'ham

Photo by courtesy of the Harold Hands collection.

Photographed at the Chasewater Railway.

Jameson & Richley

Jameson & Richley, Corbridge, est. 1871, became J. Jameson & Sons in 1884 (see below). Info by Frank Lawson, Photo by Dan McVey.

Photo by Chris Graham.

Photos by Graham Brooks.

Jameson & Son

Photos by Chris Tilney.

J. Jameson and Son Ltd. of Corbridge adopted this name in 1884 having previously traded as Jameson & Richley (see above). The abundance of clay around the Corbridge area facilitated the growth of the Company so that by the 1960's it was the largest employer in the town with a workforce of approximately fifty people. By the late 1970's a combination of factors - the recession and technological developments by much larger competitors - resulted in the firm being forced into liquidation.  Photos and info by courtesy of the Frank Lawson collection.

W Janner, Whittlesea

William Janner is listed in Kelly's 1879 edition at Scaldgate, Whittlesey & at St. Mary's Street, Whittlesey in Kelly's 1883 edition. Info & photo by Martyn Fretwell, courtesy of the Bill Richardson Collection.


Photo by Tony Gray.

Photo by Chris Tilney.

Jarvis, Clare

Patent Fixing

William George Jarvis is listed in Kelly's 1892 to 1916 editions at Cavendish Road, Clare, Suffolk. Photo & Info by Martyn Fretwell.

Jayess: see John Slater

Jees, Atherstone

Jee's quarry and brickworks traded as R. R.Jee until 1877 and later as Jee's Hartshill Granite & Brick Co. Ltd. See also under the Moorwood entry. Photos by Scott Smith.

Jefferies, Stonehouse / Stroud

Spotted by Maurice Stokes in Tewkesbury.

Samuel Jefferies owned three brickworks near Stonehouse, Gloucestershire. Two were located off Ebley Road, Stonehouse, situated either side of the Great Western Railway line. The Imperial Brickworks was on the north side of the railway - Grid Ref. SO816049 & was in production between 1899 & 1950's & the Atlas Brickworks - Grid Ref. SO817048 was on the south side & had been opened in 1860 with Jefferies recorded as owning it in 1911. The third brickworks was on Dudbridge Road, Dudbridge, Stroud - Grid Ref. SO839044. This works was disused by 1924. I have Kellys trade directories from 1897 to 1914 which list Jefferies & Sons at Haywards Field, Stonehouse & Dudbridge, Stroud. Photo & Info by Martyn Fretwell.

Image by Guy Morgan.

Image by Frank Lawson.


Thomas Jelliffe of Erdington is recorded in a list of Birmingham Brickmasters. Then from another reference Thomas Jelliffe is recorded as a coal merchant and brickmaker, working on Garrison Street. William Mansfield of the Atlas Patent Brick & Quarry Co. Garrison Street then takes over Jelliffe's yard in 1861 & operates both yard together. Info & Photographed at Four Oaks Reclamation Yard by Martyn Fretwell.

Jelliffe's Patent. Photo by Martyn Fretwell courtesy of the John Baylis Collection.

G Jennings

London drainage engineer George Jennings who had originated from Hampshire took out a lease from the Canford Estate in 1856 and opened the South Western Pottery & Brickworks at Parkstone, Poole. First producing pottery goods he then moved on to produce a wide range of bricks, stoneware drainage pipes & terracotta blocks which he transported the three miles by horse & cart to Poole Quay and thence by ship to his own wharf on the Thames at Lambeth. By 1867 George had completed his own pier at Salterns, Poole which was only three quarters of a mile from his Works, he then used this to transport his goods out and to bring coal in. George died in April 1882 with his works continuing under the Jennings name. In 1919 H. Wragg is recorded as Managing Director. The works finally closed in 1967. Photos & Info by Martyn Fretwell.

John Jennings, Rowley

 Kelly's 1860 edition has Jennings & Hornsby at The Knowle Brickworks, Rowley Regis, Dudley. John Jennings was advertising for a brickyard manager here in September 1860. In 1862 the business seems to have been Jennings & Chevasse. Info by Martyn Fretwell & Photo by Keith Hodgkins.

Jericho: see Taylor's Jericho, Bury


Found in Cornwall by Ian Parnell.

Jersey Plastic Brick Co

Photo by Richard Watson.


 Fredrick Jewson is listed in Kelly's Cambridge 1892, 96 & 1904 editions as brickmaker in Haddenham, Cambs. Fredrick's works was on Sutton Road in Haddenham on land leased from John Henry Porter who was also a brickmaker. (See Haddenham entry). George Jewson (Fredrick may have been George's son) in 1836 at Earith established a business trading goods all round Huntingdonshire & the Fens. Today we know this company as Jewson's Builders Merchants. Going back to Fredrick & in the Brick & Tile Merchants section of Kelly's Huntingdon 1898 edition there is the entry of Jewson & Sons, Earith, St. Ives. The 1910 entry is Fredrick Jewson, Earith & then the 1914 entry is Fredrick Jewson (exors of). So as well as being a brickmaker in Haddenham, Fredrick ran the family's brick & tile merchants yard in Earith & made the F. Jewson, Earith, Hunts brick in this entry at his Haddenham works. Info & Photo by Martyn Fretwell.

Jeynes Patent

Made by William Jeynes, Oldbury Works, Upper Lode, Tewkesbury, Gloucs. - found by David Ashford in Worcester.  Wm Jeynes appears in the 1897 Kelly's Directory for Gloucestershire.

Photo by Martyn Fretwell.

William Jeynes is also listed at Longford, Gloucester in the 1897 Kelly's Directory but this is likely to have been his residence or possibly office.

Joberns, Aldridge

Joseph Joberns & Co is listed as operating the Aldridge blue tile works from at least the early 1880s and in 1940 had become Joberns Ltd. The works was also known as Coppice Lane Tileries, Walsall Wood. Photo and information by David Kitching.

Photographed at Derby Silk Mill Museum by Martyn Fretwell.

Photographed at Cawarden Reclamation Yard by Martyn Fretwell.


William Johnson, Bentley Road, Doncaster.  Slater's West Riding Directory, 1887.  Photos and info by Frank Lawson.

E Johnson, Hindley Green

Found on the seashore at Crosby, Merseyside.  E. Johnson owned Swan Lane Colliery, Hindley Green, Wigan.

Photos by Frank Hilton.

Photo by Andrew Morley.

Johnson, Andrews & Co.

Found on the site of Brandy Bottom Colliery, Bristol.  Johnson and Andrews had a partnership at Crew's Hole, Gloucestershire in the 1870's.  Photo and info by Phil Jenkins.

Johnson & Maw

Photo by Chris Tilney.

S Johnson

Samuel Newey Johnson is listed at Brades in the 1860 Kelly's Directory for Worcestershire. In 1861 he is listed as a victualler and brickmaker at the Bell Inn, Rounds Green, Oldbury. Photo by Angel Rose.

Johnson & Wroe

Johnson & Wroe, Queen's Road, Burley & Elland Road, Leeds. Kelly's West Riding Directory 1881. Johnson & Wroe, Cardigan Brick & Stone Works, Queens Road, Leeds. White's Directory of Leeds & the Clothing District 1894. Photo by Phil Burgoyne.

Photos by David Kitching.

Photo by Jason Stott.

Joicey, West Pelton

Produced for Joicey Colliery Company at Grange Villa pit, thanks to Mark Davinson for the info. Photo by Tony Gray.

Photo by Frank Lawson.

Photos by Chris Tilney.

Photo by Steven Tait.

Photo by Chris Tilney

Photo by Paddy Kerrigan.

J Jolley, Etruria

John Jolley first appears as a brickmaker in the trade directories in 1875. In 1876 he is listed in partnership with Joseph Noden at Cobridge and in 1879 in partnership as Jolley and Sherwin in Etruria.

J Jones, Dockers Lane, Kenilworth

James Jones is listed in Kellys 1868 edition at Berkswell, Coventry & at Leamington, then the 1872 edition just reads Berkswell. Info & Photo by Martyn Fretwell courtesy of the John Baylis Collection.

T Jones

Discovered on a demolition site of fire damaged building in Walsall. Kelly’s directories has Jones, Thomas, (blue, brindled & red) Gorsebrook Mills, Wolverhapton & Alma brick works, Heath Town, Wolverhampton from 1908 to 1921. No entry for 1924 then changes to Jones, Thos, Gorsebrook Mills, Bushbury, Wolverhampton" for 1928 to 1940. Photo and info by Ray Martin.

W Jones

Made at William Jones' Springfield Tileries, Trent Vale. Jones is only listed between 1865 and 1870. He does not appear in the 1873-74 trade directory. Photo by Frank Lawson, information by David Kitching.

W Jones

Found in East London but unlikely to have been made there. The name hints at a possible Welsh manufacturer. Photo by Peter Eldon Rowsome.

William Jones

William Jones, Rumer Hill Tileries, Cannock. Photo by Angel Rose.

Jones & Maxwell, Pelaw

Photo by Chris Tilney.

Photos by Frank Lawson

David Oliver writes: Jones and Maxwell established the Pelaw Terra Cotta Works in 1895 just to the west of Monkton Coke works in what is now South Tyneside. By 1911 Jones Brothers owned the yard and developed it into the largest manufacturer of engineering and facing bricks in the North East. It closed in 1968. This information is from 'Brickworks of the North East by Peter J. Davison

Photo by Neville Akers.

Photos by Frank Lawson.

Photo by Anthony E Gray.

Jordan, Winshill

Richard Jordan, Steam Brickworks, Winshill, Burton on Trent.  Found in Stanton, Swadlincote, Derbys. Photo and info by Frank Lawson.


Found by Martyn Fretwell in an old school in Kirkby in Ashfield, Notts, it is a paving brick.

Photo by courtesy of the Richard Symonds collection.

Found near Derby, photo by courtesy of the Frank Lawson collection.

Photo by Ray Martin

Seen in Wolverhampton. Photo by David Kitching.

 Martyn Fretwell writes ;- Found in Kelly's Staffs. Directories that the Jubilee Brick, Lime & Sand Co. is listed at Moxley, Wednesbury in it's 1900, 04 & 08 editions & could well be the maker of these bricks.

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