Location Aberthaw
County Vale of Glamorgan
Grid Reference ST 03818 66120
Date of visit 3 July 2017

The Aberthaw limekilns were built in 1888 to burn blue lias limestone pebbles collected from the foreshore. The original works comprised two pots each with a diameter of 18ft and a capacity of 300 tons. The daily combined output was 40 tons of burned lime. After 1900 a pair of large oval pot draw kilns was added at the rear. The kilns were abandoned in 1926.

For further details of the history of these kilns see:

'The Aberthaw Pebble Limekilns' by Malcolm Brown, published in Archive, No. 46, June 2005

Aberthaw limekilns 1912 courtesy of Glamorgan Records Office  
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