Swansea Limekilns

Little Tor kiln, Gower


In the Swansea area limekilns were erected along the Swansea Canal but the real stronghold of limeburning to serve local markets was the Gower peninsular. The remains of small kilns can be found right across the limestone geology of the Gower and several are still in good condition.

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Knab Rock Leason Wood kiln 1
Little Tor Llandewi
Llanmadoc Lodge Cwm, Llethryd
Lunnon Mewslade Bay kiln 1
Mewslade Bay kiln 2 Overton Mere
Oxwich Wood Oystermouth, kiln 1
Park Wood Pengwern Farm
Ram Grove Thurba
Vennaway Weobley Castle
Willoxton, Parkmill  

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