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Cheshire Dragonflies & Damselflies

These pages are intended to provide information about the status of Odonata in the County of Cheshire and also the Wirral.


The Cheshire Recording Scheme


The data presented is based upon records submitted to the Cheshire Odonata recording scheme which was established in its current format by Richard Gabb in 1985. The scheme is based on recording sightings of Odonata with a measure of their breeding status based on observations of breeding behaviour and nymphs or exuviae. Recordings are mapped on a two kilometre square or Tetrad basis.

Due to health issues I have now relinquished the role of Cheshire Dragonfly Recorder and these pages will no longer be actively updated. If you wish to submit records of Cheshire Odonata these will be gladly received by the current recorder John Roberts who can be contacted at

They also have a blog about recent odonata sightings and activity in Cheshire. Cheshire Dragonfiles blog.


Details of individual species of Cheshire Odonata.

Last year's recordings and comments plus the Cheshire records for 2016

Recordings and comments for:
and 2015


If you want a detailed description of Cheshire Odonata and the recording scheme up to 1992 this is contained in:
The Dragonflies & Damselflies of Cheshire
by Richard Gabb and David Kitching,
published by National Museums & Galleries on Merseyside, 1992.
ISBN 0 906367 54 9

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