Whilst there is no definitive history of these waterways there are a number of books and articles which refer to them in some detail. These include:

Keaveney, E. and Brown, D.L. The Ashton Canal, Privately Published, 1974.

Suleman, D. On The Level. The History and Development of the Upper Levels of the Macclesfield and Peak Forest Canals, North Cheshire Cruising Club, 1993. ISBN 0-9520955-0-5

Shercliff, W.H. The Macclesfield Canal, Its Economic Importance to North East Cheshire, Transactions of the Lancashire and Cheshire Antiquarian Society 1985, pp87-124.

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Shercliff, W.H. Poynton A Thriving Community 1946 - 1983, Ch.2(C) pp65-67, W.H.Shercliff, 1996, ISBN 0-9508761-4-3

For a general overview of the history see the relevant chapters in:

Hadfield, C. The Canals of the West Midlands, David & Charles, 1977, ISBN 0-7153-4660-1 (Covers the Macclesfield Canal)

Hadfield, C. and Biddle, G. The Canals of North West England Vol.1, David & Charles, 1970,
ISBN 0-7153-4956-2

Hadfield, C. and Biddle, G. The Canals of North West England Vol.2, David & Charles, 1970,
ISBN 0-7153-4992-9 (Covers the Ashton and Peak Forest Canals)

Cruising Guides

British Waterways Inland Cruising Booklet 11, Cruising on the Macclesfield Canal, British Waterways, no date.

Nicholson's Guides to the Waterways 4, North West, Robert Nicholson Publications, 1972,
SBN 90056820-8. There are more modern versions of this book available today from all good booksellers and many canalside outlets.

Walking Guides

Cheshire Ring Canal Walk 1, Marple to Macclesfield, Cheshire County Council, 1986,
ISBN 0906-759-161.

Cheshire Ring Canal Walk 2, Macclesfield to Congleton, Cheshire County Council, 1987,
ISBN 0906-759-269.

Cheshire Ring Canal Walk 3, Congleton to Kidsgrove, Cheshire County Council, 1987,
ISBN 0906-759-250.

Cheshire Ring Canal Walk 10, Manchester to Ashton-under-Lyne, Cheshire County Council, 1986,
ISBN 0906-759-315.

Cheshire Ring Canal Walk 11, Ashton-under-Lyne to Marple, Cheshire County Council, 1986,
ISBN 0906-759-243.

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