"Old Bricks - history at your feet"

Links to some other websites

Bricks through history
A comprehensive guide to types and sizes over 2000 years.
Brick Development Association
Representing the UK's clay, brick and paver manufacturers
Henry Holt brick collection Over 5000 bricks, mostly from Lancashire
International Brick Collectors Association An American site with a vast number of bricks
British Brick Society For the serious student
Bursledon Brickworks Museum The national museum of brickmaking
How bricks are made, old video Clay being mined and firebricks being moulded at Glenboig. 
Porth Wen Dave Sallery's website on an abandoned Anglesey brickworks
Brickwork - the historic development its history over 600 years
Monklands Memories history of brickmaking in North Lanarkshire
Brickwork companies in Fife good site with plenty of photos
Scotland's Brick Industry
Mark Cranston's extensive site
The Brickworks of Wales Phil Jenkins' excellent pages covering Welsh bricks and brickmakers
Welsh Brickfinder Alphabetical list of Welsh brickworks
Brick production in Stamford a local history
Lawrence Skuse's brick collection covering South East Wales
Tarboat's brick collection mainly North West England
Alan's brick collection mainly North West England
Darrell Prest's brick collection mainly West Yorkshire
Brickmaking in Stoke on Trent A brief history
Vladimir N Smirnov A brick collector in St Petersburg, Russia
John Pitman's collection Mainly North West England
Brikostampophile A French collectors site
Old frechevillian's photostream Mainly East Midlands bricks
Old British Bricks A large collection on Flickr
One Brick A large collection on Flickr
The Brick Directory Links to every brickmaker in the U.K. from this site
Brickmaking in Armadale Very informative Scottish site
A J Mugridge Brickmaker at Blist's Hill Victorian Town, Ironbridge
The scran database. Royal Commission for Ancient & Historical Monuments in Scotland
Home Made Bricks Richard from Indiana makes his own bricks
A Survey of Scottish Brickmarks, 1986 A very useful resource for the collector
The Brick Carver Jan will carve bricks to order!
Andrew Gardner's photostream Bricks found on walks in North East England
The brickmakers of St. Albans A local history by Chris Reynolds
Gareth Thomas's site Mainly South Wales
The Brickmakers Index A U.K. database of brickworks owners and workers
Martyn Fretwell's East Midlands blog
A collector's latest finds
Martyn Fretwell's England blog
A brick based travelogue
California Bricks
Excellent collection of US bricks
Brick Spotting
Searching for the brickmarks of Scotland
The RH7 history Group
History of brickmaking in Surrey
A brick matching company
Thames and Field
Bricks found by the river
Halifax history
Brick and sanitary pipe works
Cawarden Reclaim, Rugeley
Always worth a look for old bricks
Shropshire History
Details of many old brick works
John Harrison's website
Brickwork and much more
Colin Driver on Flickr
Mainly Lancashire bricks
Ian Stubbs on Flickr
Mainly Tees side bricks
Scottish Brickmarks
Ian Suddaby's Facebook site
Brickyards in Ipswich
Borin Van Loon's website
Some Northants brickworks
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