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Ciddal : see Joseph Morton


Photo by Alwyn Sparrow.

Photo by David Kitching.

Cinderford Coal, Brick,Tile & Fire Clay Co.Ltd., Cinderford, Gloucs. Kelly's Gloucestershire Directory 1908 & 1910 This brickworks appears to have enjoyed a very short life as it is not listed in either the 1902 or the 1914 directories and the National Archives records indicate that it was in business from 1906 to 1918. Info by Frank Lawson.

Cinder Hills: see Joseph Morton

City, Leeds

Spotted in Horsforth, Leeds by Thomas Ackroyd.

Photo by Mark Harriman who thinks the city brickworks were in Harehills, Leeds just behind Hillcrest house and the Brown Hare pub. What we think was the works can still be seen today.

Listed in trade directories between 1898 and 1922, with yards in two locations of the City - at Nowell Lane/ Harehills Lane and off Old Lane, Beeston, Leeds. Found near Wicklefield, West Yorkshire. Image PRBCO.


Frederick Hand managed the Clarendon brickyard just outside of Salisbury, a large site with a huge clay deposit.  Many of the bricks went into building Salisbury and were stamped CLARENDON. Photo and info by Andrew Poole.

Frederick Hands & Sons, Brick Kiln Farm, Clarendon Park, Salisbury, Wilts. is listed in Kelly's 1895 to 1915 editions. The 1900 OS map shows that the brickworks was next to Clarendon House, on the east side of Salisbury. The works is no longer shown on 1923 map, only Brick Kiln Farm. Photo & extra info by Martyn Fretwell.


Edward Clark & Son, Charlestown Brickworks. Photo by David Kitching, part of the collection at Wheal Martyn China Clay Museum.

D & S Clarke, Rotherham

Thanks to Simon Patterson for the photo.  Daniel & Samuel Clarke, Sanitary Tube & Common & Firebrick Manufacturers, Greasbrough Road, Masbrough, Rotherham,  Kellys 1893 Directory.  Info by Frank Lawson.

George Clarke, Rishton

George Clarke & Sons, Norden Fireclay Works, Harwood Lane, Rishton, Lancs. Photos by David Kitching.

Photos by Frank Lawson.

Clarkson - see Heath House


In 1858 Edward Clasper and Cuthbert Robson were running a clay works and brick manufactory at Bell's Close, Newburn, Newcastle on Tyne. Photo by Steven Tait.

Photo by Chris Tilney.

Claughton Manor Brick Co. Caton

The Claughton Manor Brick Company was one of a number of brickworks near Lancaster.
 The works is operated by Hanson plc and was 'mothballed' in April 2010 because of a downturn in orders.

The brickworks is also served by the last aerial ropeway in Britain.  Follow this link to see some photos of it.

Photo by Alan Davies.

Photo by Ian Suddaby.

Photo by Phil Burgoyne.

Photos by David Kitching.

J W Clay

Jesse Ward Clay, Hill Top, Newthorpe, Notts (Kelly's Nottinghamshire Diertory 1891). Photo by courtesy of the Frank Lawson collection, found near Ilkeston.

Claygate Fireplaces Ltd

Made in Claygate, Surrey. Photo by courtesy of the Richard Symonds collection.

Clay X Co. (Clay Cross)

Made by the famous Clay Cross Company in Derbyshire. Photos by Martyn Fretwell.

Photos by David Marshall.

Photos by Frank Lawson.


Found near Papplewick pumping making machinery and examples have been found where the other side of the brick has the actual brick makers name on it.

Jason Montgomery found this example in Sydney, Australia

Photo by courtesy of the Richard Symonds collection.

Clayton & Brooke - see Norbury Colliery

Clayton & Speight

Beeston is believed to be the mark used by Clayton & Speight at the Wortley Royds Fireclay Works on Gelderd Road, Beeston, Leeds. The business is listed in the 1888 Kelly's Directory for Leeds. The business had closed by 1932 and probably a few years earlier.

A Clews & Co.

A Clews & Co., Chellaston Brickworks, Derby.  I have found late 19th Century census records of a Clews family living in Chellaston but can find no record of them as owners of Chellaston Brickworks. Photo courtesy of Derby Museums.  Info by Frank Lawson.

Cliff, Newcastle

Photo by Steven Tait.

Cliff & Sons, Wortley, Leeds

Front and back of a Cliff, Wortley specimen found by David Barlow.

In the mid-nineteenth century there was a brickworks in Wortley, Leeds which was founded by Joseph Cliff (1806-79). This company was known as Joseph Cliff & Sons and it also owned a brickworks in Dick Lane, Tyersal and the Shipley Fireclay Company, both in the Bradford area. In 1861 Joseph Cliff's daughter, Emily Christiana, married James Kitson (later Lord Airedale) a famous Leeds ironmaster and locomotive builder. Some years after Joseph Cliff's death the organization he had created became part of the well-known Leeds Fireclay Company. Thanks to Derek Barker for the information.

Photographed on the seashore at Crosby, Merseyside.

Thanks to Darren Haywood for the photo.

Found at the Surrey Docks farm, London by Germander Speedwell.

Found in London by Vladimir Smirnov.

Photo by Nigel Megson.

Photos by David Kitching.

Cliffe Coal & Fire Clay Co.

Found at Thornhill Lees and also seen near Crigglestone, West Yorkshire. The maker is Cliffe Coal & Fire Clay Co., Crigglestone. Listed in Post Office, West Riding directory of 1877 and White's Clothing District directory of 1881. Image PRBCO.

Photo by Russell Firth.

Cliff Vale

Mike Shaw found these two on a farm near Tamworth.

Cliffe, Great Harwood

Found at Gt. Harwood, just along the road from the former brick works, by Brian Hartley. 
Cliffe Quarry Brick and Terra Cotta Co Ltd from June 1897-1904.

Photo by David Kitching


Photo by David Kitching.

West Cumberland Iron & Steel Co Ltd., Clifton Brickworks, Workington, Cumberland. Photo by Frank Lawson.

Photo by Graham Brooks.

Clifton & Kearsley

Clifton & Kearsley Coal Co., Clifton, Salford.

The Clifton and Kearsley Coal Company which took over collieries owned by the Fletchers was started by Edward and Alfred Pilkington in 1867. Photo by David Kitching.

Clive Bros. Sandyford

Robert Clement Clive and William Bolton Clive of Tunstall, colliery proprietors leased land for a brickworks at Sandyford , Tunstall for a period of 21 years from 31st March 1895. This firebrick is from the works they established and this may have become known as the Newfield Brick & Marl Works. The Clive Brothers disappear from the trade directories at some point after 1912. Photo and information by David Kitching.

W Clover, Boreham

William Clover is listed at Hogwells, Boreham, Essex, in Kellys 1878 to 1899 editions. Today the A12 road runs through most of this Hogwells site. William Clover is also listed as owning two more works at Hatfield & Rayleigh. William died in 1900 with his Boreham works being sold by his executors in 1901. Both his sons William junior & Frederick John followed their father as brickmakers in Rayleigh. More info on the Clover’s at http://www.rochforddistricthistory.org.uk/page/lambs_brickfields_rayleigh . Photo & Info by Martyn Fretwell.

Photo by Ken Evans.

Photo by Zoe Schofield.

Clutterbuck, Gloucester

James Clutterbuck, George Street, Gloucester. Photo by Frank Lawson.


The brickworks associated with Greyfields Colliery seems to have been the source of this brick. It was probably made during the ownership of the Clutton Coal Company which was formed in 1908. Photo by Mark Wilson.

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