Location Harelawhill, Rowanburn
County Dumfries & Galloway
Grid Reference NX 42689 78816
Date of visit 26 June 2010


The quarries here, which were noted for the purity of the limestone, were leased to an Englishman called Lomax in the 1770s.The Harelawhill limeworks was already extensive with two draw kilns operating in 1858. By 1898 the kilns were shut down, but the quarries reopened for the Buccleuch estate from 1934 to 1938 by Mr Potts of Prioryhill, Rowanburn. The kilns appear to have been put back into use using coke supplied by Carlisle gasworks. Between 1947 and 1966 the stone was again worked by mining but the kilns were not used again. Today a large silage clamp obscures the face of the kilns. Images of the kiln bank can be found here:



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