Cumbria Limekilns

Kiln at Ashgill


Limestone is found right around Cumbria, usually at the edges of the central volvanic area. The limeburning industry that developed has left a large number of remains of the smaller field kilns across the uplands. It is clear that lime for agricultural improvement was a significant factor and these intermittent farm kilns have often survived due to their relative remoteness.

There are a number of websites covering limekilns in Cumbria. These include:
Industries of Cumbria
Limestone Heritage Project (Arnside/Silverdale)

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Arnside Tower  
Asby Gill Asby Grange
Ashgill kiln1 Ashgill kiln 2
Askham Ayle
Banks, Bewcastle Baron's Cross
Banks Head Baycliff Haggs
Bents Berrier
Berrier End Birkett Common
Bishop Hill Boon Town Farm
Boot Of The Wold Borderrigg, Bewcastle
Bothel Bottoms Farm, Silverdale
Brackenthwaite Bradley's Leap, Dentdale
Briery Bank, Arnside Busk
Catcrag Cat Crag Quarry
Clint Quarry Clints Quarry kiln 1
Clints Quarry kiln 2 Clints Quarry kiln 3
Clowsgill Coal Road
Cocklock kiln 1 Cocklock kiln 2
Coldwell Lane Coldwell Lime Works
Crag Lane Lower, Rosgill
Crag Lane Upper, Rosgill Cropshall
Crosby Garrett Dawson Fold
Deepdale Beck Derwent Bank
Dove Nest Drybeck
Faw Moor Fell End, Ravenstonedale 1
Fell End Ravenstonedale 2 Fell End 3
Fell End 5 Fell End 6
Flintergill Flodder Hall
Flusco Lodge Foresthead
Garlic Wood, Dentdale Garsdale
Gillhead Quarry, kiln 1 Gillhead Quarry kiln 2
Gleaston Grange-over-Sands
Greenends Greenodd
Grenfell Kiln 1 Grenfell Kiln 2
Grenfell Kiln 3 Haggbeck
Handley's Bridge Hazelslack Farm
High Barn, Rosgill High Chapel, Dentdale
High Cup High Ireby kiln 1
High Ireby kiln 2 High Ireby kiln 3
High Ireby kiln 4 Hill House
Howgillsike Howhill
Howhill Quarry kiln 1 Howhill Quarry kiln 2
Jack Scout Keldishaw kiln 1
Keldishaw kiln 2 Kelleth kiln 1
Kelleth kiln 2 Kelleth kiln 3
Kirkby Stephen kiln 1 Kirkby Stephen kiln 2
Knock Leighton House, nr Beetham
Levens Limekiln Bridge, Bothel
Lindeth Lodge Farm, Silverdale Low Frith
Low House Farm, Helsington Mallerstang kiln 1
Mallerstang kiln 2 Middle Skydes
Morland kiln 1 Morland kiln 2
Moss Dyke Murrah Hall
Nateby kiln 1 Nateby kiln 2
Newbiggin-on-Lune Northrigg Hill
Orton Orton Scar
Ousby Townhead Outhgill
Raisebeck Ravenstonedale
Redhills, Dacre  
Rinnion Hills Row
Sailrigg Quarry Kiln 1 Sailrigg Quarry Kiln 2
Sailrigg Quarry Kiln 3 Scales Green Kiln 1
Scales Green Kiln 2 Scales Green Kiln 3
Smardale Smardale Fell
Sloats Limeworks Kiln 1 Sloats Limeworks Kiln 2
Snab End kiln 1 Snab End kiln 2
Snab End kiln 3 Stockastead
Tarn House kiln 1 Tarn House kiln 2
Thortergill Tommy Road kiln 1
Tommy Road kiln 2 Waitby Common
Wardhall Lime Works Warton kiln 1
Warton kiln 2  
Water Houses Wat Riggs
Wharrels Quarry Whitbarrow Road
White Rake Whitehaven Harbour
Windmore End Quarry Winton kiln 1
Winton kiln 2 Yewdale

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